Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Guest Gig as Cartoonist for Rogue Symmetry the Comic Strip

A few years back, I helped out my buddy Derrick Wood with his strip Rogue Symmetry. Derrick had injured himself somehow... what was it... I believe it had something to do with drinking and trimming trees with a chainsaw. No wait, that was my uncle Buford. No, I think Derrick had sneezed violently while nail clipping his drawing hand... Nope, that was my cousin Jerry. I am sure it was Derrick's hand though because he couldn't draw for a month or so. Wait, I remember... Derrick was arm wrestling his six year old daughter and she cracked a bone in his hand. I;ll stick with that one. Gotta be it.

Derrick's Rogue Symmetry is a immensely popular strip on Comics Sherpa. This guy has probably the biggest following out of all the Sherpa strips. So when he asked cartoonists for help, I saw a great opportunity to get some of his readers to check out Charmy's Army. Well, that and I wanted to help him out of a jam... but mostly to steal away some readers. I wrote and illustrated the single panel comic strip featuring Batman, Flash and Superman... which was TOUGH because I don't do single panel strips. The quick gag has never been my specialty.  I write stories... not jokes.

Be sure to check out Derrick's blog at...

- Davy


  1. This is wonderful! This Derrick guy sounds a bit moochy though.

    1. Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!! That is the rumor on the street.

    2. Speaking of, Davy, can I borrow money to buy a Charmy's Army shirt?

    3. Yeah, those shirts are expensive!!! One of my ongoing projects is to find someone cheaper and better than Zazzle. The last shirt I bought was not to my standards so I am switching vendors. May try Cafe Press and see if they are any good.

      And NO. I would have to borrow money to lend you money. lololol.......


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