Monday, January 13, 2014

Charmy's Army in "Monkeying Around"

Here is a strip from last year that introduced us to Flimp the Chimp. We'll see more of Flimp in the future. I actually created Flimp twenty years ago as Billy Hamm's pet monkey in my other strip Just Say Cheese (now known as Okrapolis) but the monkey did not work out.

Flimp won't be a major character in the series, but if I ever get an animation deal, Flimp will get a lot of attention. I have a bunch of ideas for Flimp if the Fox Network is interested. :)

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- Davy Jones


  1. It's not weird when your poo won't come back.

  2. Welcome to my new home Plods!!!! For everyone new, Plods is one of 6 dedicated followers from Comics Sherpa. I value his every input. Now we need to get Ron over here asking me to draw my characters in black string bikinis every day.... Then I will feel like I am home again. :)

  3. I'll see what I can do, my friend. You do a fine job with BsB's for Ron.

  4. Will do Plods. I'll make Ron proud.


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