Saturday, February 22, 2014

Charmy's Army - ANIMATED - My Comic Strip's First Cartoon

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Over the past few weeks, I have abandoned my traditional path and ventured down a spiraling staircase descended into the murky depths of the world of animation. It is a tedious, mind numbing civilization inhabited by zombies and spider monkeys. A planet where sleep is impossible due to the stress of the pixel bit frame war plaguing the habitat.

I wish to thank Traci Wood for voicing Bar Fly #634. Traci's performance should win her a "best supporting actress in a short subject" award at next year's Oscars. I recorded my line while sitting at red lights last week on my way to and from work. My part took about fifty takes!!!! Traci pulled her track off in one take... or so I hear. I wasn't there. Oh the power of the internet and digital media... Traci's husband Derrick recorded her vocals on his phone and then emailed me the digital recording. So high tech!!!!

What was NOT high tech was the animation. I drew and colored this frame by frame. Walt Disney would have been so proud of me. I wonder if this is how Walt would have done his animations today? I'd love to say this is the start of a World of Animation from Little Okra Annie Mation's studio... but it isn't. My agenda now is to get back to inking my panel strips. I have a TON of work to do if this site is to officially launch next month.

STAY TOONed!!!!!

- Davy Jones

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Charmy's Army the Comic Strip - Animation Project

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My latest idea for my strip is to create short, 15 second animated strips. So far, this 15 second clip has taken me 4 hours and I only have one frame completed... and no audio... So this will probably get completed by December!!!!! 

I need a woman to say the line, "Uh... Are you gonna excuse yourself?". Anyone interested can send in an MP3 of them saying the line. Just send your audition to The gig doesn't pay, but you will have the honor of knowing dozens of people will see the video!

Stay TOONed...

- Davy

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Charmy's Comic Strip Returns in ONE MONTH!!!

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I have spent a few months plotting and planning my attack on the cartoon industry. My goal is to take the industry by storm, getting my strips placed in at least one periodical by November 2014. That is an easy task, one that you can assist me. More on that later. I have the publication in mind... I just have to prove to them that I do in fact have readers.


I am so glad you asked me that. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays a comic strip from Charmy's Army will be posted. One per day depending on which strip I am working on that week. On Tuesdays, I will present "Crack The Code", a brain crushing puzzle. On Thursday, I will present the answer to Tuesday's puzzle.

The weekend may have a post from time to time. My thoughts on industry news from the past week. Insights into my crazy ideas for upcoming storylines might get a blog entry too. I want to post every day, but I also need to be drawing like a madman. We will see what happens once I get rolling!!!

I am very excited about the future!!! I am going to make history and you, my loyal readers, will witness it all firsthand. Share all my posts. Leave me a comment. Support the dream!!!


- Davy Jones

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hero Sandwich the Comic Strip - Hold the Mustard - Book Excerpt

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Here is an excerpt from my first book for Hero Sandwich entitled Hold the Mustard. The book will be a mix of narratives like below mixed with collections of traditional comic strips and a few comic book style web comics. For the latter, I will be searching for an illustrator to assist me. Anyone interested can contact me with a link to their portfolio.

Enjoy the following sneak preview...


Introduction: Winds of Autumn

Summer at my grandparents are treasured memories. True treasures richer than the gold mines of the Witwatersrand Basin. I still remember in grand detail the night my grandfather changed my life forever. Twas the night Gramps bestowed a wealth of information upon me. Unearthing a truth thought forever hidden in the dark past which blanketed our world for so very long.

It was a late, dry night so Gramps had the window opened just a crack. The window’s wire screen protected us from the Gulf Coast mosquitoes which were the size of horse flies. The storm shutters mounted on the outside of the window which are supposed to protect the room against the raging Gulf storms unfortunately shielded most of the crisp evening breeze that swept across the flat plains.

“Gramps! Read me a bedtime story”, I begged for I loved listening to my grandfather’s voice when he read fables from Grimms or Anderson. Gramps was able to put such emotion into every single word as though he lived the drama himself.

“Well, all we have here books for little kids”, my grandfather responded. “You are too old for ‘The Fox who wore socks’ or ‘The Goat Who Couldn’t Sing a Note’.” Gramps obviously was being silly. Who ever heard of those stories. My grandfather was so very witty and could drop a punchline in at a moments notice.

“You are just too old for silly nonsense”, Gramps concluded.

“Oh, that’s okay Gramps”, I disappointingly sighed.

“Well... there is a tale from my heart... a true story about heroes. Me and my old comrades... my friends... dear friends... family. We were super heroes who briefly walked the earth... some of us even flew... some fifty years ago”, muttered Gramps as if unsure of the believability of such an idea. Or was it because the revelation was a hidden treasure, a secret, of which Gramps was afraid to reveal.

I laughed! “Super heroes aren’t real!”, I snickered with a sense of bewildered curiosity. As much as my disbelief grounded me, my imagination spiraled me into a glimmer of wishful wonderment.

“Oh yes!”, my grandfather confirmed. “Super heroes were real. Very real! I was the mightiest of all, Captain Action! Why you grandmother...”

“Mark!” interrupted my grandmother as she bolted into the room. She had such a frightened look upon her face. It was the only instance I ever recall of seeing my grandmother with a look of fear, or was it extreme sadness. No, I take it back, it was one of two times. The second time was a few years later when Gramps passed away. It was the same look.

“Mark!”, repeated Granz. She grabbed Gramps’ arm so tight that his hand turned white. “Conference... NOW!”

I recall the excitement, the fear and the sheer sense of unbridled wonderment as Granz yanked and pulled Gramps into the other room. I listened so quietly as Granz whispered with such passion to my grandfather. My heart was beating louder than her secreted breath. My own breath was sounding louder and louder as well, all in all making eavesdropping on my grandmother’s private pleas near impossible. All I could make out was Gramps interjecting “But momma”. Gramps always referred to Granz as "Momma" following the birth of their first child, my uncle Aaron.



Friday, February 7, 2014

Charmy's Army the Comic Strip - Schmuck Commander - Strip 5 of 6

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Happy Friday readers! I hope you are all enjoying this week's soft launch of my comic strip. I am learning this is going to take a LOT more time that I anticipated... but it is an investment I must take. Please share all of my posts on social media and PLEASE follow my blog.


- Davy

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Charmy's Army the Comic Strip - Schmuck Commander - Strip 4 of 6

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Image really is everything. That is why I want to be a cartoonist. I could of been an actor but I wound up here.... lol. Today's cartoonists are all "pretty boys". It is the latest trend unfortunately. That is why NO ONE has been syndicated since Stephan Pastis. We are all compared to him now and if we cannot share the cover of GQ with Stephan, we are rejected by the syndicates.


World Empire Syndicate had me send in head shots. I knew I should have photoshopped them. That was two years ago and I never heard back. I thought about getting headshots of someone else off the internet... but I thought how bad would my photos be? So I grabbed some photos from when I was around my mid-twenties... lol... 

- Davy

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Charmy's Army the Comic Strip - Schmuck Commander - Strip 2 of 6

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The idea behind today's comic strip was to rib the people at Duck Dynasty about all the product placement they did early this season... Not that there is anything wrong with positioning a little advertising into your art to make some money. I have hit my cartooning hard for three years now and I haven't made a dime... not even a penny yet. I am either REALLY terrible, or just a bad businessman.... OR BOTH . lol......

My time is coming. Just wait and see!!! I have a few books planned as well as a few other surprises I must keep under my hat for now.

Enjoy today's strip.

- Davy

Monday, February 3, 2014

Charmy's Army the Comic Strip - Schmuck Commander - Strip 1 of 6

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Please don't judge me but I love watching Duck Dynasty. I crack up every single time someone comes up to me and questions me... "You know it isn't real, right?"!!! To which I always respond, "Oh no! Next thing you're gonna tell me is that wrasslin' ain't real....". 

Sure, they call Duck Dynasty a "reality show", but that term is used loosely. You would have to be pretty dumb to think a camera crew is just following these guys around filming whatever transpires. Think about it, if the company operated as the series portrays, this company would not be the multi-million dollar empire it is today.

The show is mindless fun with a heaping helping of Faith. It is that honoring of their belief in the Lord that keeps me coming back. In this day and age of prime time debauchery, it is a relief to find a show I can watch with my sons without feeling embarrassed and extremely uncomfortable. I used to love Two and a Half Men until a few seasons ago and now I cannot sit and watch it with my family without anxiety and restlessness within my conscious just creeping me the heck out. It is a shame... Man I hope this isn't another sign I am getting old.

The last sign I had that I was getting old was when I heard Nirvana was being inducting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year. Does this mean Nirvana is considered Classic Rock now? When the heck did that happen? And how did Nirvana go into to the Hall of Fame before Cheap Trick... Now THERE is a band that deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Live at Budakon is THE best live album ever. If it wasn't for the song Surrender, I bet there would have never been a Nirvana... only because the rumor is that David Grohl is Rick Nielsen's love child... That is just a rumor.

Enjoy today's strip and... uh, please don't sue me Willie Robertson!!!! 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

WWE's Dolph Ziggler should be DC Comic's The Flash in Upcoming Justice League Movie

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Dolph Ziggler is one of the most charismatic performers in WWE today. His behind the scene tale of constantly being overlooked by management plays right into the hands of wrestling fans around the world who are all puzzled by the scenario. Dolph is THE best worker in the wrestling industry, which is his downfall. He makes everyone else look so good that his role has become that of a "worker". Well, we fans know Dolph is much more than a guy who takes good "bumps". I for one see him as even more than the wrestler Dolph Ziggler. I see him as Hollywood Ziggler. The perfect role is on the horizon and DC Comics should take note!

The Justice League Movie has been rumored for years. If the upcoming Batman/Superman movie proves a success, the Justice League Movie will finally manifest. There are a lot of great candidates for The Flash in Hollywood, but none have actually lived the role. Dolph Ziggler IS Barry Allen. He is the underrated superstar who is totally stuck on himself. He is the superhero who pushes his ability beyond measure because he is determined to prove all doubters wrong. Dolph has all the energy and charisma needed to portray Barry Allen... just watch the promo in this post. The guy has flair!

I doubt Ziggler is gonna be the next Action Hero like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, but I do feel Dolph Ziggler would fit the role of The Flash better than Ben Affleck will fit the role of Batman... and he would be better at Flash than Jesse Eisenberg will do as Lex Luthor. The way the roles are being cast, I would not doubt we see Jack Black play the Green Lantern or Jennifer Aniston play the Black Canary or Neil Patrick Harris play Aquaman. See, now a Pro Wrestler REALLY sounds like an awesome idea for The Flash!!!!!

- Davy Jones

Charmy's Army the Comic Strip - Sunday Funny Preview

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Charmy and the Sarge have a classic "love-hate" relationship that will grow and mature during the development of the soon-to-be classic Charmy's Army. Over the coming years I plan for this strip to take a few twists and turns... it'll have some MAJOR plot twists and become something way more than a strip about a bunch of ants in Basic Training. As the strips grows, so will the characters and their situations. I have a ten year plan for everyone to follow. Be prepared for a comic strip that will set a tone for all others to follow!

- Davy

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

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