Sunday, February 2, 2014

Charmy's Army the Comic Strip - Sunday Funny Preview

Charmy and the Sarge have a classic "love-hate" relationship that will grow and mature during the development of the soon-to-be classic Charmy's Army. Over the coming years I plan for this strip to take a few twists and turns... it'll have some MAJOR plot twists and become something way more than a strip about a bunch of ants in Basic Training. As the strips grows, so will the characters and their situations. I have a ten year plan for everyone to follow. Be prepared for a comic strip that will set a tone for all others to follow!

- Davy

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  1. You have to admit that sometimes he's corny.

    1. BWA HA. HA HA!!!!!! Phew, you said "corny".... I just woke up and read it wrong the first time.... :0

      Either way, yes he is.

      - Davy


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