Saturday, February 15, 2014

Charmy's Comic Strip Returns in ONE MONTH!!!

I have spent a few months plotting and planning my attack on the cartoon industry. My goal is to take the industry by storm, getting my strips placed in at least one periodical by November 2014. That is an easy task, one that you can assist me. More on that later. I have the publication in mind... I just have to prove to them that I do in fact have readers.


I am so glad you asked me that. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays a comic strip from Charmy's Army will be posted. One per day depending on which strip I am working on that week. On Tuesdays, I will present "Crack The Code", a brain crushing puzzle. On Thursday, I will present the answer to Tuesday's puzzle.

The weekend may have a post from time to time. My thoughts on industry news from the past week. Insights into my crazy ideas for upcoming storylines might get a blog entry too. I want to post every day, but I also need to be drawing like a madman. We will see what happens once I get rolling!!!

I am very excited about the future!!! I am going to make history and you, my loyal readers, will witness it all firsthand. Share all my posts. Leave me a comment. Support the dream!!!


- Davy Jones


  1. I shall continue to do what I can to encourage and help you just as I have been for three years. You are a friend to me, Davy! You rawk

    1. Thanks Mr. Wood!!!! I appreciate the support.

      New strips are mere WEEKS away!!!!!

      - Davy


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