Sunday, February 2, 2014

WWE's Dolph Ziggler should be DC Comic's The Flash in Upcoming Justice League Movie

Dolph Ziggler is one of the most charismatic performers in WWE today. His behind the scene tale of constantly being overlooked by management plays right into the hands of wrestling fans around the world who are all puzzled by the scenario. Dolph is THE best worker in the wrestling industry, which is his downfall. He makes everyone else look so good that his role has become that of a "worker". Well, we fans know Dolph is much more than a guy who takes good "bumps". I for one see him as even more than the wrestler Dolph Ziggler. I see him as Hollywood Ziggler. The perfect role is on the horizon and DC Comics should take note!

The Justice League Movie has been rumored for years. If the upcoming Batman/Superman movie proves a success, the Justice League Movie will finally manifest. There are a lot of great candidates for The Flash in Hollywood, but none have actually lived the role. Dolph Ziggler IS Barry Allen. He is the underrated superstar who is totally stuck on himself. He is the superhero who pushes his ability beyond measure because he is determined to prove all doubters wrong. Dolph has all the energy and charisma needed to portray Barry Allen... just watch the promo in this post. The guy has flair!

I doubt Ziggler is gonna be the next Action Hero like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, but I do feel Dolph Ziggler would fit the role of The Flash better than Ben Affleck will fit the role of Batman... and he would be better at Flash than Jesse Eisenberg will do as Lex Luthor. The way the roles are being cast, I would not doubt we see Jack Black play the Green Lantern or Jennifer Aniston play the Black Canary or Neil Patrick Harris play Aquaman. See, now a Pro Wrestler REALLY sounds like an awesome idea for The Flash!!!!!

- Davy Jones

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