Monday, September 29, 2014

Charmy's Army in "Long Overdue" Strip 1

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Yes! Charmy really CAN read...

Beginning today, I will start posting Charmy's Army here on my blog. I want to get my crazy comic strip out to the masses, so to do this I am finding every possible home for my strips to reside. My long running series can now be seen at,,, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

Merchandise is now available at I dropped the beer mugs, skateboards and wall clocks that did not sell and chose to just keep the t-shirts that didn't sell. The new Frenchy t-shirt surprisingly made sale the first day on Tee Public... So the new site is already blowing away my old storefront.

Thanks for your support over the years! I have a ton of wild stories on the way....

- Davy Jones

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

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Beginning Monday, I will post Charmy's Army here 3 days a week!!! Stay TOON'ed for some awesome strips, fun give-aways and silly non-sense!!!!!


Davy Jones