Sunday, November 2, 2014

Charmy's Army in "LESSEN Learned" Strip 1 of 6

Well my strip just keeps growing and growing. Later in this episode I may add a new character. I am not sure just yet, but I have an idea for a new character who could end up being a player in a huge series twist I am planning in a few years.

Yes, I said "Series Twist". I actually have a ten year plan for this strip using a series of four major plot twists that is unlike anything seen in syndication. Of course, I will never be syndicated. My goal is if I never do get syndicated, in ten years' time I will gather together 4 or 5 books that will each tell a very different chapter in time and scenario.

I don't want to give away too much. I have the entire series outlined from start to finish. The ending will be in grand fashion and will tie the entire series together, making my readers happy and fulfilled once the series ends.

Like I said, I have a ten year plan. I am talking ten full years, At the rate I am going posting three strips per week, It will take two years to produce one year... so who knows if I ever actually produce 10 years worth of strips. If I ever get syndicated making enough money to produce Charmy's Army full time, then yes I will. I will follow my ten year plan and produce the greatest comic strip ever published.

Time will tell.....

- Davy

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