Friday, June 19, 2015

Charmy's Army in "Army Strife" 06

Here is Friday's strip!!! Again, I posted this Sunday night. By now the storm should be history... unless it stalled in the Gulf during the week and intensified into a Hurricane before coming ashore. Bringing death and destruction to my hometown... flooding thousands out of their homes... cutting power for weeks on end.

I will comment on this post should I be able, having survived the horrific destruction that has just plagued League City, Texas.

Of course, we all know the weather guys are never correct... so I will predict that they are all wrong and the storm will actually roll into Brownsville or Mexico. In which case I will post a comment an let everyone know all is well.

I am betting the storm is NOT going to come near us!

- Davy 

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  1. I was pretty close to being correct. The storm turned and we got maybe three inches of rain of the far end of the dirty side of the storm.


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