Monday, June 1, 2015

Working on ANOTHER poster!!!!!!!!!

Here is yet ANOTHER poster I am working on! This one should be ready by Sunday. I have very limited time to work on this during the current week.

To see daily updates on this poster, become a patron at My $3 and up monthly patrons will see the updates in their daily sketch previews.

Thanks for your support! I have a ton of shows planned for next year if funding increases. I would love to do San Diego's Comic Con. That will be a goal for either next year or for 2017.

Leave a comment below with the city you'd like to see me attend a comic book convention! I need goals. Heck, we all need goals. Without goals one never scores.

Hard work is going to pay off. I need 6 more posters before Space City Con in less than two months. I am going to work my tail off. Stay TOON'ed and watch me score the biggest victory ever. SYNDICATION!!!!

- Davy

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