Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Charmy's Army in "Army Strife" 11

Here is today's strip! How do you like Doc's office? One day I am going to map out the entire camp for everyone.

So another month has ended and I am reflecting. Have I made any progress in the past month? Nope. My numbers are the same and I have probably fewer interactions than I have had in the past six months. To be honest, this month was a bit of a downer. After Comicpalooza I had hoped a door or two would open. Instead I have not even seen a door!

I held my first Live Chat a few weeks ago and 5 people showed up. To be honest, that was pretty awesome. My fear was that no one would show up. If it wasn't for the success of the chat session, this month would have been less than inspiring.

My next goal is to drive readers here. Beginning at Space City Con, I will begin promoting I have had two interactions here all year. Next month I hope to have at least 5 comments show up. That's the goal. Baby steps. Man, getting an audience is so freaking hard! I am so in need of a little inspiration. Maybe July will be my lucky month. Time will tell....

- Davy

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