Thursday, July 30, 2015

Charmy's Army in "That's a Wrap" 05

Space City Comic Con Day Three

The final day at the con is a bit of a blur. I was SO FREAKING TIRED! After six commissions and about 5 hours of sleep all weekend, I was toast. My voice was gone, so I conversed with the attendees very little throughout the day. As a result, I made no sales.

I met the MC of the show again. I had prepared a commission piece for him at the request of his assistant. It was a drawing of him with his head exploding. I had Charmy and Frenchy flying out with all the brain matter. He saw it and went down to one knee laughing. Made my day.

A few artists did not return. They had very poor sales the previous two days which is odd because I heard other artists did very well. I did great with commissions. I only sold two prints, but my stuff never sells. My art is not what collectors are looking for. I am a COMIC STRIP artist, not serious in many collector's minds. I am not doing these shows to make money though. I am there to get more readers.

By the day's end, I had a total sale of $135. That is $75 of paying off the table. Again, I am not concerned with sales. I feel the show was a huge success. I handed out over 1,000 business cards and another 500 or so fliers. That is a ton of potential new readers!

Plus I was offered another show for free in Bryan, Texas in October. I am all about FREE!!!

Time to begin plans for the next show. It'll be the best one yet. My goal is $300 at Amazing Con. I just know I will meet that goal and probably surpass it!

- Davy Jones


  1. Amazing Con...
    If it's a good Con, it's Amazing.

    1. And at that Con....

      I will present something AMAZING!!!!

      I have plans for something special for Artist's Alley. Something no one else is offering. I'll have the big reveal at the show.

      - Davy


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