Monday, August 31, 2015

Sketch Card - Frenchy as WOLVERINE

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This week I am prepping for Amazing Houston Comic Con so in lieu of comic strips, I will be

posting a sketch card every day. Today we have Frenchy as Wolverine. My hope is that these sketch cards will sell well and I will finally pay for my table. I hear so many artists tell me they always do so well at these shows as they claim to sell so much they pay for their travel expenses, table cost and so much more. I have yet to see any of the artists around me sell enough to pay for their lunches during the two shows I have attended. I have kept a very close eye on everyone so I cannot figure out how they are making a profit.

That said, I am not attending these shows in hopes of getting rich. Nope. Plus I have no desire to do the grind these artists do... attending a show every weekend and traveling all over the place. My goal at each show is to get more readers and have more people follow my website here at

That said, I have been pretty successful. I have received an additional 100 to 150 readers at each of the two shows I have attended so far. My goal at Amazing Houston Comic Con is to see an additional 200 new readers signing up to this blog. After the last two shows, I have only seen my daily hit count increase, but I have not seen my followers number increase by email subscriptions or by following via the Join This Site gadget. That is my fault though. I need to include in my pitch the fact that a simple entry of their email address in the Subscribe By Email will ensure they receive my strip straight to their email every day.

I'll work out the kinks and I bet this show will be the best ever!

- Davy

Saturday, August 29, 2015


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I have been working so very hard on a top secret project for Amazing Houston Comic Con. After sitting in Artists Alley and taking in two huge shows into my master marketing brain, I believe I have come up with a cool item that will stop people in their tracks... bringing them to my booth so I can make a little money, and more importantly, pitch my awesome comic strip Charmy's Army!

No longer will I be a one dimensional artist, buried in Artist's Alley. Nope. I am not only gonna stand out... I am going to POP OUT!


When I was a pre-teen, I loved when my class would get out Scholastic book order catalogs. I always skimmed right over to see what was going to be in the magazine called Dynamite. I wasn't looking to see if the Sweat Hogs were being featured or the Fonz.... Damn, I must sound old now.... Nope. I was looking to see if the new issue would be featuring a 3D poster! Every once in a while, Dynamite would include a fold out poster in 3D. The poster would include a pair of red and blue 3D glasses making the art pop out of the poster and slap you in the face! It was so freaking cool!!!

Later, I collected a few 3D comic books. These were also very cool. I would draw picture with a red and a blue map pencil and make my own posters. I got pretty good at it. My science fair project in high school was a study on how the eye perceived images in stereo, making images three dimensional. I created a few posters and got an A plus. I think an erupting volcano won. They always win.

My poster will feature Charmy as The Dork Knight getting his butt handed to him by Bane. I chose to use the REAL Bane and not an ant version. I wanted this poster to be a mix of my silly cartoon and real, action intense superhero awesomeness. The only way to do this was to mash up these world's. I also believe it may help grab an audience who otherwise may not give me a FIRST look. The audience here is very tuned into one genre or another, but those genres do not include "syndicated comic strips"... and especially NOT "comic strips that wish they could be lucky enough to one day be syndicated".

Packaged with a pair of 3D glasses and archived in a clear acetate collector's sleeve, these posters will sell for $25 and include an original autograph. Hopefully these will sell well. I am only bringing 50 with me to the show. Once they are gone, I will not be able to get more in time for the rest of the show. If they DO sell out, I'll make a pledge now that in two weeks at Comicpalooza Fan Fest, I will have more AND I'LL MAKE 2 NEW POSTERS!!!! That is, IF the 50 posters sell out.

If you are going to be at one of my shows, let me know If not and you want one of these posters, don't worry. I will have these for sale here at Okra Comics' website in a few months. More news on that later.

My hope is that my little webcomic will one day be a nationally syndicated comic strip. Please following my blog. You can even subscribe by email and my posts will be sent to your email every day! How cool is that!!!!

Davy's upcoming appearances...

Sept. 4-6 - Amazing Houston Comic Con - Houston, TX -
Sept. 19 and 20 - Comicpalooza FanFest - Houston, TX -
Sept. 26 - ComiCulture - League City, TX -
Oct. 10 and 11 - Brazos Valley STX Comic Con - Bryan, TX -

If you are in the neighborhood, please drop in and say hello!!!

- Davy

Friday, August 28, 2015

Today's COMIC STRIP - Getting Wiggy With It - Strip 3

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Okay I am looking for the ideal voice talents for Charmy's Army - The Animated Series. I have been watching clips on YouTube of every actor I can find trying to find someone who will do Charmy justice.

First up of course was Robert De Niro. I watched hours of clips and finally decided that he is just not crazy enough. He is a powerful actor, but he is just not right. I also realized his fee would be more than my entire budget. With that realization kicked in, I began looking for actors in my price range.

I decided to throw out a list of names and leave it to you, my loyal readers as to who you would love to hear voice Charmy...

1. Steve Martin - I believe he can do anything.

2. Weird Al Yankovic - He actually sounds like me from my demo video.

3. Charlie Sheen - Charlie has lived Charmy's life....

4. Jim Belushi - I really think his voice would be cool for this part... and he is within budget.

5. Jeffery Donovan - Yeah, the guy from Burn Notice. He actually is very talented and can pull of Charmy's voice very similarly to the voice I used in my demo.

6. Ron Howard - Yep,Opie. Just imagine Ritchie Cunningham voicing Charmy. AWESOME!

7. Dolph Ziggler - Okay, you are Googling this one, right? Go right on ahead and you'll agree.

8. Jim Carey - Oh, like I could afford him!!! He is more expensive than De Niro...

9. Norm McDonald -  I think Norm is awesome. To bad he is busy pitching Chicken for KFC... I bet I could have afford him!!!! Ya snooze, ya lose....

10. Patton Oswalt - My hand's down favorite pick! This guy would be so perfect.

I would love to hear everyone's suggestions for Charmy's voice. Leave me a comment with your recommendations.

- Davy

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cosplay Thursday!!!! - Frenchy as Thor

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It is Thursday! That means it is time for another Cosplay drawing. This week, Frenchy is
dressed as the Mighty Thor. This is my third sketch card. I am extremely excited about adding these to my shows... but I need a ton of them in order to make a good presence. I plan on working all weekend on these and probably skipping strips next week.

Once again, this card was inked first with pen, brush and ink. After the ink dries, I hit the drawing with my Copic Markers.

I am wrestling with how much I will charge for the originals. Some people tell me $5... but I need to make money, plus each one takes just over an hour. I think at this first show I will try $30 each with a select few that may have taken a bit longer going out for upwards of $50. Heck, I figure it is worth a try.

I am also going to sell limited edition Print Cards. These will be copies of the original cards. I may even do these two sides. Each Print Card will be limited to only 500 copies. All will be signed and numbered. I will also keep them tracked in a spreadsheet.

On my way home yesterday I picked up some Collector Card sheets. I didn't get get a binder though. I operate that way sometimes... forget the most important piece of a puzzle. I'll probably look online after I post this entry. I want something cool... but cheap! lolol... I may just wait a few days for school supplies to get marked down.

- Davy

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Today's COMIC STRIP - Getting Wiggy With It - Strip 2

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As you have noticed, the Candy Bar is gone from my relaunch of Charmy's Army. I moved the activities to the Rec Room on the military base. I have heard from my peers that I am hurting myself by placing my story in a bar. I have taken these words of wisdom to heart as they have been spoken by some very prominent cartoonists. Yeah, I actually know a few.

These same professionals are telling me that my Comic Con appearances are a waste of time. No cartoonist in my genre ever does well. So they say. After two shows, I feel my time has been very well spent. I'll need another couple of shows under my belt to be completely sure of course. I do feel that my presence was fully accepted.

My goal at these shows is to get more readers to my blog. I tried placing AdSense on my site to make money and I was doing great the first two weeks... and then I was kicked out of the program. I think the issue was that I asked people to support my advertisers in one of my blogs. I had no idea you were not allowed to say that. With that I was banned for life. There goes that source of income. Story of my life.

I have enrolled in a new service and I am not saying a thing about that. So let's move on before I get banned again.

Life is all about saying things you regret. I am always wanting to be the clown and say things all the time before I think. I have put my foot into my mouth so many times that I should know what a foot tastes like. It tastes very nasty, let me tell you... in more ways than one.

The good thing about writing my strip is that I write my stories weeks in advance. I have plenty of time to digest the foot and see how it is going to settle. I have rewritten many a strip in hindsight. The extra work is better than tasting foot. In a few rare occasions, I have completely tossed a week's worth of stories for whatever reason.

I do admit though that this does not happen that often lately. My mind is set on being syndicated so my humor has changed. Some say for the better... some miss the wild side of Charmy's Army. To me this is a business and I intend on succeeding. I feel the end product is currently the best work I have ever produced.

- Davy

Monday, August 24, 2015

Today's COMIC STRIP - Getting Wiggy With It - Strip 1

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My son is a more amazing artist that I ever will be! A few months ago,I completed a drawing of Frenchy as Harley Quinn. I showed it to my son Travis and he surprised me with a Harley Quinn of his own. It blew my cartoony depiction away. I was so proud.

Travis is a freak of nature. He just draws. He doesn't sketch out his drawing. He just draws. I can't do that. I believe it is because I have to figure exactly what I am trying to draw. Travis can see it and draws what is in his head.

Each of the four scenes above where sketched and erased and sketched again... and erased..... and sketched.... but not because I could not draw it correctly. I am a control freak and a perfectionist. I direct each scene and the first take is never perfect. I also do not have the confidence in my abilities I once had. I bet I sketch a lot more detail than I really need to.

Travis has opened my eyes a bit. I need to be more steadfast in my confidence and I bet my production will increase ten fold! I need that right now with the load of deadlines that are on my plate... I have a ton of Comic Conventions on the schedule. I need to post a tour schedule. 

- Davy

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Charmy's Army the COMIC STRIP - A Serious Look

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I am taking a VERY serious look at my insanely funny comic strip, Charmy's Army. For years I have

been working on a graphic novel entitled ANTidote. The story follows the Dork Knight as he battles the JustANTS League as they battle the Joker. This graphic novel will never see the light of day of course. DC would squash me like... well like an ant.

I love the entire idea of Charmy being Batman. Heck, any kid whoever read more than a dozen Batman comics once dreamed they were Batman. Writing and drawing a Batman comic would be as close anyone could ever get to being Batman. Creating this graphic novel is my way of living out my Batman fantasy.

The sketch here is not from that graphic novel. This is from a very special poster I will unveil at Amazing Con. Later in the week, I will show everyone a little more of this secret project.

Well, I gotta make this post short. This blog is taking a ton of time, but I believe the effort will pay off very soon! The more posts I make, the more followers I get. Please tell all of your friends and share my site on social media. 

- Davy

Saturday, August 22, 2015

COMIC CON PRINTS - Frenchy as Captain America

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Every artist is Artist's Alley sell prints of their work. I purchased a cheap photo backdrop stand this week to showcase my limited supply of posters, These stands are a must if you want to sell your prints. Most attendees walk through artist's alley looking up as they search for their desired treasures.

Here is Frenchy as Captain America. The reception for this poster was as inspiring as the red white and blue Frenchy displays! I did not sell any posters at all at my last show where this poster debuted, but I did get a ton of comments.

Out of all the superheroes making up The Avengers, Captain America has always been my hands down favorite. I even created my own superhero, High Voltage,  who shared the same backstory. Both traveled forward in time, losing everything they held near and dear. Of course now that I am older and wiser, I know I cannot use my character with the backstory I created as a kid. A kid dreaming of becoming the next Stan Lee... a life of creating superheroes and dramatic super cool stories.

Oh course by the time I progressed into High School, I ditched the superhero dream. I had discovered Bloom County, The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes. I was going to be a legend in the comic strip industry!

Of course not only did that never happen... it looks like there is no way in heck I will ever even get a shot. Times have changed and syndicated no longer syndicate fresh, new talent. Syndicates have not signed a new cartoonist on for print distribution since Stephan Pastis was called up over 15 years ago. As crazy as the odds are against me though, I refuse to give up. Quitting is never an option for me.

Captain America would never quit. More than any other superhero, Captain America would stand tall against any odd... no matter how impossible. His patriotism fuels his passion and his ambition. I am proud to admit that I believe in this country I live in is the ultimate land of opportunity. Like Captain America, I know that even though the odds are against me, I am living in the greatest nation in the world, so there is no limit as to what I can do. Because of this,I will never give up. 

Charmy will be around for a very long time...

Friday, August 21, 2015

COMIC CONS are Lining Up!!!

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Business cards are updated. I am so ready for Amazing Houston Comic Con. My goal is to be the guy the other artists look at to see where the bar is set. "Wait Davy!," you brain interrupts... "You are a silly comic strip artist! How the heck are YOU going to set the bar for these seasoned Comic Con vets?"

Good question! Well, by no means do I plan on being THAT GUY this year... or even NEXT year. I do intend on being THAT GUY. In only two convention appearances, shows that cost me a fortune, I have been able to turn some important heads and garner three free shows! I would not have been able to do more than three shows this year otherwise.

So how do I intend on setting the bar? I have no freaking idea actually. I am still learning how the shows work. I have noticed a very important need in Artist's Alley. That being one on one interaction. I brought that to my appearances and it paid off.
My first show was Comicpalooza in May. I did not do that well. I had a bad spot. The artist next to be does shows for a living and his showing was pretty bad too. I noticed that first day that the other artists sat there drawing. Never making eye contact. Never speaking. I stood up at my table and talked to everyone who walked by. I would ask them if they were having a good time. I would comment on their cosplay attire. I would compliment their shirt or their tattoo. The most important interaction here was when I would hand them a flier I made up promoting my comic strip. Every fourth or fifth person would stop and ask me about my characters and the pitch was on!

The artist across the aisle from me told me at the end of day one that I was one hell of a pitch man. Truth is, I just love to talk. I love to meet people. I love to discuss my passion.

The entire show went well. I sold merchandise to only 8 people and came no where near paying for my parking for the four day show. My $200 table was in the red. My setup cost was over $500. Setup included racks, fliers, and of course my posters. All left me deep in a hole for which I will need at least a dozen more shows appearances to climb out of!

I was a bit down after Comicpalooza. The next scheduled show wasn't until September, which is my upcoming Amazing Houston Comic Con. Two weeks after Comicpalooza though, I was offered a free table at Space City Comic Con! They heard about my loss at Comicpalooza and fell in love with my strip. I jumped at the opportunity and agreed to the show appearance in their Artist's Alley.

What happened that first day was amazing! A hand full of the people I talked with at Comicpalooza came to Space City Comic Con looking for me! I had fans!!! I also found out that fans love commissions. I received requests for six commissions. Now I see why artists are busy drawing at the shows and not talking. five of the attendees wanting commissions were attending the following day so I did those drawings after the show. Yes, I got no sleep those three days! But I continued my trend of talking to everyone. This time I handed out business cards instead of the bulky fliers.

As a result, I again caught the eye of some very important people... four promoters. All telling me they wanted me for their show! All stated they loved my work and loved the way I interacted with my audience. Unfortunately, I had to turn down two. One show was in two weeks in Central Texas. I can't afford that at this point. My day job would not like that either! The other offer was a show in Galveston, thirty minutes away. I had to turn that down because I was offered a show on the very same day in Bryan, Texas. This Bryan show for some reason is extremely intriguing. Bryan is a college town! Something tells me this show is going to be a very important step in my career. Plus, I am a GUEST at the show... and ADVERTISED guest. Yep, they have a blurb about me and my strip on their site!

Could this just be a string of good luck? Yep... very well could be. At Space City Comic Con, I only made $135. I paid for parking and then some.... but I had another $100 invested in posters that did not sell. All profits came from commissions. I still lost money at this show, but I feel confident things are going to change very soon.

Truth is, no one makes money in Artist's Alley straight out of the gate. Talking with other artists, making a profit is something that occurs after you've paid your dues. Show attendees purchase merchandise as an investment. You have to work hard and prove your worth, especially me. I draw ants! How in the heck am I ever going to sell posters with silly, cute ants depicted on them? My work is cut out for me, but I believe I am on the correct path with my characters doing their cosplay thing.

In the coming days, I will showcase my posters for everyone. I need a big variety. I only have a few for this year, but in 2016 I will have a ton. That's my goal after this awesome little warm up tour I am on.

- Davy


Thursday, August 20, 2015

CHARMY'S ARMY THE COMIC STRIP in "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" 06

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You all have NO idea how hard this last panel was to create. Frenchy was extremely difficult. She was not happy about being bald. You laugh and think, oh that Davy and his wild stories. I seriously drew here 8 times before the scene was perfect. Getting her expression and her body mannerisms just right was tough. Oh yeah, did I mention that I am a perfectionist?

When I sketch out my drawings prior to inking, I am playing the role of a film director. My characters in my mind are real. They have real emotions that I must pull out from them... just like a real director. The scene has to be framed just right. Unlike a lot of amateur cartoonists, I change up each panel's direction. I hate strips that look like a stamp job. Please don't hate me, but Garfield drives me insane. I cannot read more than a few before I get bored with the same camera angle. Why even draw the same panel again? Just letter new words and insert new balloons.... lol.  

No offense to Garfield. The strip is freaking amazing... I just get bored with the repetition. In my early days, I was a violator of this monotony. I was trying to crank out three strips each week and only working on the strip a few hours each week. In order to do this properly, a cartoonist needs at least 15 - 16 hours each week to do three freaking awesome strips. I am very happy with the work I now produce and am very thankful to my wife and kids who have supported by long hours as I chase my dream. I am so very Blessed. 

- Davy

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cosplay Thursday - Frenchy as Batgirl

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Today's passing of Yvonne Craig inspired Frenchy to pose for this retro Batgirl Sketch
Card based on 
Yvonne's portrayal of the best batgirl ever.

This is only my second sketch card and only the second time I have ever used markers. The Copic markers are so sweet! The do whatever I want them to. I am so amazed. These markers are so freaking expensive, but worth every cent.

I wanted to give Frenchy what innocent, flirty eyed look that Yvonne Craig always gave to the Batgirl character, but I preferred this serious look better. To me it says, "Yvonne was a bad ass who broke boundaries".

Yvonne Craig's official website confirmed she had been suffering from breast cancer, which in turn spread to her liver. She died at her home in the Pacific Palisades on Monday, surrounded by her immediate family.

Her website stated the following, "Having spent time with her over these past months, she made her wishes known to me and made me promise I would pass them along."

"Wish Number One, is that her family, friends and fans would know how much she loved them and always treasured her time with them. Wish Number Two, was that no one waste a moment of their time in mourning for her loss in sadness but instead celebrate the awesome life she had been fortunate enough to live. She felt that she lived a wonderful life and was blessed in many ways.

"She was able to travel the world and see many places. Yvonne spent quality time with those that she loved and was able to accomplish many goals and ambitions that she set for herself. Yvonne excelled in ballet, a film career, a business life, as well as in philanthropic and charity work over the years. She had been able to do this with joy and much laughter and she wouldn’t have changed a thing.  Well, maybe one thing and that would have been not to get cancer.
"She had been in chemo almost continuously for the past two plus years since being diagnosed and that had weakened her immune system as well as her body. This didn’t dampen her sense of humor or her spirit, she intended to fight and win this battle. In the end, her mind still wanted to fight but her body had given up."

Yvonne Craig will always be remembered for her role as Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl on the Batman television series. Man, I loved that show as a kid. She did not join the show until the third and final season, but her short time on the show built an important legacy as she became such a huge role model for kids through generation after generation thanks to syndication.
She began her career at The Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo and, as a trained dancer, was able to perform her own stunts alongside Adam West's Batman. Trekkies will remember her from her appearance as Martha, the green Orion Slave Girl who wanted to kill Captain Kirk, in the third season of the original Star Trek series. She also starred opposite Elvis Presley in two films, "It Happened at the World's Fair" and "Kissin' Cousins".
- Davy

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

CHARMY'S ARMY THE COMIC STRIP in "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" 05

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I used my own advice yesterday. I tipped the lady who cut my hair BEFOREHAND and I look pretty damn sexy now. When she was done and I took my first glance at that mirror, I kind of turned myself on. I look so good. So good in fact that afterwards I took myself out for a Starbucks. I promise I remained a perfect gentleman... 

I do not suggest tipping in advance for everything. Wait staff should be judged and rewarded accordingly. I worked as a teenager as a bag boy at a grocery store where people tipped when you carried out their bags. These days stores hire less bag boys (and girls) and make the consumer lug out their own bags. On a good day, I would pull in about $30. It was cash in hand that was like gold to a teenager. Oh the good old days.

I am working on a Patreon ad for my site. Once completed, you will be able to see my sexy, hot, new haircut. Stay TOONed!!!

- Davy

Monday, August 17, 2015


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I have been looking at this Copic markers all weekend. I have never used markers in my life.
They were scaring the hell out of me all weekend. I have also been hiding my bristol sketch cards I purchased TWO WEEKS ago... All weekend I wanted to attempt my first sketch card with these Copic markers just as feverishly as I feared the looming failure that was destined to abolish all hopes of producing Comic Con quality work.

Tonight, as I watched WWE RAW, I noticed my hand grabbing that stack of precut bristol sketch cards and before you know it, I was sketching Frenchy as Wonder Woman. All the while I was telling myself, "If you fail, it's okay... We'll just not tell anyone". With that promise registered, the fear whisked away from my mind and I began inking my sketch.

Damn, the inking looked so hot. I thought that maybe I should test the markers first. I spent two minutes playing with the markers, blending shades of gray ever so daintily. I felt extremely confident! I blended a few more colors quickly like a boss! In those two minutes I was primed!

Without thinking, I just began coloring with my Copic markers. I went to my zone I always fall into as I write or draw and I let those markers do what felt right... what felt natural... what felt like freaking awesome!

Here are TWO FIRSTS!!!! This is my FIRST use of Copic markers! This is my FIRST sketch card! Just imagine how much this card will be worth!!!!!! I cannot wait to get to Amazing Con and put an insane price on this card. If it doesn't sell, that's okay... because when my strip hits big... and it is happening soon... someone WILL purchase this card at whatever crazy price I put on it.

- Davy 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

CHARMY'S ARMY THE COMIC STRIP in "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" 04

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I have let success go. I am officially doing my comic strip for the love of it and I feel awesome! I have been worrying so much about being successful that I lost site of having fun. I was so tuned into making money at these comic cons that when I failed to even make enough money to cover parking, I felt like a failure. I could not see how great the shows went and how all the key connections I am making at these shows are so much more valuable than making a profit.

Does this mean I am going to be trying less? Oh heck no. If anything I will now be working harder, if that is possible, because I am now enjoying this for the first time in over a year. I truly believe that AdSense dropping me was the greatest thing that ever happened. I still do not know for sure why they did, but it may be that my content in the blogs is under 500 words. If that is the case, I understand. I have more important things to work on that making sure I blast out 500 words on each blog. I want to focus on drawing and expressing myself with my troop of beloved army ants.

I splurged and picked up a few gray Copic markers. I am going to play around with them and post something cool tomorrow for everyone here. STAY TOONed!!!

Speaking of having fun, I gotta run. I have a poster to create for everyone.... AND myself.

- Davy

Thursday, August 13, 2015

CHARMY'S ARMY THE COMIC STRIP in "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" 03

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I, myself, am about six months past due for a haircut. I usually go until I just can't stand it. I figure God gave me a full head of hair for a reason. So what if I currently have to wear a hat in order to due my daily walks because I cannot see where I am going. Seriously, my hair has gotten that long.

So this weekend will be the big day... my annual haircut. I dread this. I always get such bad results. I always go in, get brave, and have the lady whack my hair off. I just don't look good with short hair... I need my hair long to hide my face.... :)

So with Charmy about to get his hair cut, I guess I have to lead by example and get mine cut. If you stop by and see me in a few weeks at Amazing Houston Comic Con, please promise not to laugh at me.

- Davy Jones

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

THURSDAY COSPLAY - Frenchy as The Punisher

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To see her in color, become a patron of the arts for my comic strip at

CHARMY'S ARMY THE COMIC STRIP in "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" 02

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During this current relaunch of my comic strip, I am giving old characters new roles.  As you may recall, the Candy Bar's original bartender from the first two years of my strip was replaced a few years ago with a female bartender named Candy. Well, if you look closely at Nick, you'll see I am using the same actor from those old strips. Trained ants are hard to come by. It is easier to use a trained ant again rather than train a new ant.

I really like Nick. He reminds me of James Finlayson, a recurring actor in many Laurel and
Hardy shorts during the Hal Roach era. Nick used to have a think mustache and the resemblance was uncanny. I am a huge fan of Laurel and Hardy... and Harold Lloyd... and just about every old silent and early talkie comedians. I draw a lot from these silver screen geniuses into my own characters.

I can remember as a kid, Laurel and Hardy movies would air after midnight in the summer. I would stay up late to watch these films, studying them as much as I could between laughing my head off and turning the volume lower every time my mom would yell "Davy! Please be quiet.... we are trying to sleep!". Not sure why, but watching those films at two in the morning just added to the mystique of the experience. 

I also remember some of the local TV channels would run all night marathons of old shows and movies. I remember Channel 39 playing Star Trek all night long one night. I stayed up all night long watching in amazement at the special effects. Yeah, back then seeing Mr. Spock being beamed up and vanishing into thin air only to reappear on afar away planet was freaking insane!!!

Now marathons of shows' episodes you've seen a dozen or more times run every damn day. No mystique.

I fear that if you ask teenagers today who Laurel and Hardy are, they would have no idea. Sad. So sad. And I bet that I am the only person who knew who James Finlayson was. Um, that is probably sad... on a few levels!

- Davy Jones

Sunday, August 9, 2015

CHARMY'S ARMY THE COMIC STRIP in "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" 01

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I have gone to two huge Comic Cons and lost my butt at both of them. I truly believe that these comic con appearances will begin turning a profit in time. The last show I appeared at saw people at the previous show returning and actually looking for me. The returning con attendees then asked me for commissions and told me how much they love Charmy's Army! I am hoping that the trend continues and soon I will be the artist people always look for at these shows. I offer a product that is original and so completely different and fun, Success is maybe a show or two away.

Also, over the weekend, my Facebook page saw an increase of 30 plus followers. I have no idea where they came from but it was an awesome surprise. Maybe this is a continuation of the increase I saw just after Space City Comic Con a few weeks ago. That reminds me that I need more business cards printed.... I am spending somuch money on these shows!!!!! But they are SO-O-O-O-O much fun.


IYou can also help out by supporting Charmy's Army on Patreon at This crowdfunding site allows readers to fund their favorite creators monthly and get some awesome rewards in return!

One other huge way to help is to tell all of your friends. Share my posts from Okra Comics on social media. The more people who heard about my comic strip, the better chance I have of expanding my readership all over the world.

Davy Jones

Friday, August 7, 2015

Frenchy Cosplay - Aquaman

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Here is another quick Cosplay illustration! 

Frenchy as Aquaman!!!!

Is there anyone she cannot Cosplay?

Thursday, August 6, 2015


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So, were you all wondering what the final layout would look like? HERE IT IS! Pretty cool, right? This is probably my best work yet. I am very happy with the results. It was extremely important to me that this piece be the best comic strip to appear in this upcoming issue of "The Sunday Comics". There are going to be a TON of professional cartoonists contributing to this publication and if I can be better than any of the pro's work, then maybe I can steal away a few of THEIR readers and make a huge name for me and Charmy's Army the comic strip. Just imagine stealing away all of the readers from the many King Features cartoonists whose work will be featured in this new publication. We may be talking as many as 100,000 new readers. This site may not have enough bandwidth to handle this load. I may shut Google down when everyone logs onto my blogger site all at one time to check out my comic strip about the ants who don't wear pants. Think of the horror of a day without Google as the engineers scramble to jumpstart the world's biggest web engine, There will be panic in the street, and probably a ton of fires... This ain't good.

Maybe I should pull my submission and do something very crappy. 

- Davy Jones

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


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As you can probably tell, I had WAY to much fun drawing this episode. I can honestly say that this comic strip was a bit of a release for me... and Frenchy as apparent in the above selection. Weaver swears that Frenchy's mannerism since shooting this strip has been much improved. The entire cast has been working overtime lately.

Well, I have been working overtime anyway.

All the work in paying off though. People are actually looking for me at comic cons now. This website's view count is through the roof meaning my ad revenue is starting to payout. For the first time in years, I finally believe I can actually make a living at this... though that day is still YEARS away.

- Davy Jones


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Beginning next week, Frenchy French will have a new cosplay outfit to show off here at Okra Comics. Frenchy, known in the cosplay community as The French Kiss, is one of the most beloved cosplay artists to grace the funny papers. Actually, she is the only one. 

Here is Frenchy portraying Fly Girl, an original creation from Frenchy.  One night when she was watching the original B Movie "The Human Fly", she became inspired to create the hero known as Fly Girl. She has the ability to fly, and, when needed, she can cling to walls. Her weakness in fly paper. Don't tell Frenchy this, but that is just a stupid vulnerability. I thought her weakness should have been the smell of garbage because it intoxicates her into a zombie like trance. We all know flies love gross smelling stuff. When I explained that to her, she said, "Then I guess I already am a real Fly Girl. I love Charmy and he smells super bad!"

Frenchy will also blog an entry each week that may be about her outfit, or just may be about something bugging her. I told her to use this entry as should would treat a diary. I want the readers of Charmy's Army to know all of my characters. I want everyone to know what makes the characters laugh, cry and generally be the characters we all love so dearly.

- Davy

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


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Here is the third installment of "Total Eclipse of the Heart". What we have been reading all week are selections from my full page submission for "The Sunday Comics", a new publication coming at the end of the year. Their Kickstarter campaign ends today and unfortunately, they did not meet their required $75,000 goal.

I am being told that even though their Kickstarter campaign failed, the publication will still be published. The list of cartoonists who are taking part in this project is amazing. I am humbled to have been asked to take part in this epic publication.

In this selection, we get my best silhouette to date. As my readers know, I love silhouettes in comic strips. I feel they add depth to the scene and in some cases adds the perfect emotion for a delivered punchline. Here, in this silhouette, we get a dark feeling when reading Frenchy's dialog as she informs Charmy... "Oh, it;s on now." You can feel the emotion bellowing from within her diaphragm as she grovels the emotional words of warning. 

Tomorrow, I will post the conclusion of my page and everyone can finally view the punchline. Will my readers Laugh? Groan? or will they just shake their heads because the joke makes absolutely no sense whatsoever? Tune in tomorrow... Same Wench Time.... Same Wench Channel.....

- Davy Jones