Wednesday, August 12, 2015

CHARMY'S ARMY THE COMIC STRIP in "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" 02

During this current relaunch of my comic strip, I am giving old characters new roles.  As you may recall, the Candy Bar's original bartender from the first two years of my strip was replaced a few years ago with a female bartender named Candy. Well, if you look closely at Nick, you'll see I am using the same actor from those old strips. Trained ants are hard to come by. It is easier to use a trained ant again rather than train a new ant.

I really like Nick. He reminds me of James Finlayson, a recurring actor in many Laurel and
Hardy shorts during the Hal Roach era. Nick used to have a think mustache and the resemblance was uncanny. I am a huge fan of Laurel and Hardy... and Harold Lloyd... and just about every old silent and early talkie comedians. I draw a lot from these silver screen geniuses into my own characters.

I can remember as a kid, Laurel and Hardy movies would air after midnight in the summer. I would stay up late to watch these films, studying them as much as I could between laughing my head off and turning the volume lower every time my mom would yell "Davy! Please be quiet.... we are trying to sleep!". Not sure why, but watching those films at two in the morning just added to the mystique of the experience. 

I also remember some of the local TV channels would run all night marathons of old shows and movies. I remember Channel 39 playing Star Trek all night long one night. I stayed up all night long watching in amazement at the special effects. Yeah, back then seeing Mr. Spock being beamed up and vanishing into thin air only to reappear on afar away planet was freaking insane!!!

Now marathons of shows' episodes you've seen a dozen or more times run every damn day. No mystique.

I fear that if you ask teenagers today who Laurel and Hardy are, they would have no idea. Sad. So sad. And I bet that I am the only person who knew who James Finlayson was. Um, that is probably sad... on a few levels!

- Davy Jones


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