Thursday, August 20, 2015

CHARMY'S ARMY THE COMIC STRIP in "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" 06

You all have NO idea how hard this last panel was to create. Frenchy was extremely difficult. She was not happy about being bald. You laugh and think, oh that Davy and his wild stories. I seriously drew here 8 times before the scene was perfect. Getting her expression and her body mannerisms just right was tough. Oh yeah, did I mention that I am a perfectionist?

When I sketch out my drawings prior to inking, I am playing the role of a film director. My characters in my mind are real. They have real emotions that I must pull out from them... just like a real director. The scene has to be framed just right. Unlike a lot of amateur cartoonists, I change up each panel's direction. I hate strips that look like a stamp job. Please don't hate me, but Garfield drives me insane. I cannot read more than a few before I get bored with the same camera angle. Why even draw the same panel again? Just letter new words and insert new balloons.... lol.  

No offense to Garfield. The strip is freaking amazing... I just get bored with the repetition. In my early days, I was a violator of this monotony. I was trying to crank out three strips each week and only working on the strip a few hours each week. In order to do this properly, a cartoonist needs at least 15 - 16 hours each week to do three freaking awesome strips. I am very happy with the work I now produce and am very thankful to my wife and kids who have supported by long hours as I chase my dream. I am so very Blessed. 

- Davy

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