Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Here is the third installment of "Total Eclipse of the Heart". What we have been reading all week are selections from my full page submission for "The Sunday Comics", a new publication coming at the end of the year. Their Kickstarter campaign ends today and unfortunately, they did not meet their required $75,000 goal.

I am being told that even though their Kickstarter campaign failed, the publication will still be published. The list of cartoonists who are taking part in this project is amazing. I am humbled to have been asked to take part in this epic publication.

In this selection, we get my best silhouette to date. As my readers know, I love silhouettes in comic strips. I feel they add depth to the scene and in some cases adds the perfect emotion for a delivered punchline. Here, in this silhouette, we get a dark feeling when reading Frenchy's dialog as she informs Charmy... "Oh, it;s on now." You can feel the emotion bellowing from within her diaphragm as she grovels the emotional words of warning. 

Tomorrow, I will post the conclusion of my page and everyone can finally view the punchline. Will my readers Laugh? Groan? or will they just shake their heads because the joke makes absolutely no sense whatsoever? Tune in tomorrow... Same Wench Time.... Same Wench Channel.....

- Davy Jones

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