Monday, August 17, 2015


I have been looking at this Copic markers all weekend. I have never used markers in my life.
They were scaring the hell out of me all weekend. I have also been hiding my bristol sketch cards I purchased TWO WEEKS ago... All weekend I wanted to attempt my first sketch card with these Copic markers just as feverishly as I feared the looming failure that was destined to abolish all hopes of producing Comic Con quality work.

Tonight, as I watched WWE RAW, I noticed my hand grabbing that stack of precut bristol sketch cards and before you know it, I was sketching Frenchy as Wonder Woman. All the while I was telling myself, "If you fail, it's okay... We'll just not tell anyone". With that promise registered, the fear whisked away from my mind and I began inking my sketch.

Damn, the inking looked so hot. I thought that maybe I should test the markers first. I spent two minutes playing with the markers, blending shades of gray ever so daintily. I felt extremely confident! I blended a few more colors quickly like a boss! In those two minutes I was primed!

Without thinking, I just began coloring with my Copic markers. I went to my zone I always fall into as I write or draw and I let those markers do what felt right... what felt natural... what felt like freaking awesome!

Here are TWO FIRSTS!!!! This is my FIRST use of Copic markers! This is my FIRST sketch card! Just imagine how much this card will be worth!!!!!! I cannot wait to get to Amazing Con and put an insane price on this card. If it doesn't sell, that's okay... because when my strip hits big... and it is happening soon... someone WILL purchase this card at whatever crazy price I put on it.

- Davy 

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