Monday, August 24, 2015

Today's COMIC STRIP - Getting Wiggy With It - Strip 1

My son is a more amazing artist that I ever will be! A few months ago,I completed a drawing of Frenchy as Harley Quinn. I showed it to my son Travis and he surprised me with a Harley Quinn of his own. It blew my cartoony depiction away. I was so proud.

Travis is a freak of nature. He just draws. He doesn't sketch out his drawing. He just draws. I can't do that. I believe it is because I have to figure exactly what I am trying to draw. Travis can see it and draws what is in his head.

Each of the four scenes above where sketched and erased and sketched again... and erased..... and sketched.... but not because I could not draw it correctly. I am a control freak and a perfectionist. I direct each scene and the first take is never perfect. I also do not have the confidence in my abilities I once had. I bet I sketch a lot more detail than I really need to.

Travis has opened my eyes a bit. I need to be more steadfast in my confidence and I bet my production will increase ten fold! I need that right now with the load of deadlines that are on my plate... I have a ton of Comic Conventions on the schedule. I need to post a tour schedule. 

- Davy

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