Friday, August 28, 2015

Today's COMIC STRIP - Getting Wiggy With It - Strip 3

Okay I am looking for the ideal voice talents for Charmy's Army - The Animated Series. I have been watching clips on YouTube of every actor I can find trying to find someone who will do Charmy justice.

First up of course was Robert De Niro. I watched hours of clips and finally decided that he is just not crazy enough. He is a powerful actor, but he is just not right. I also realized his fee would be more than my entire budget. With that realization kicked in, I began looking for actors in my price range.

I decided to throw out a list of names and leave it to you, my loyal readers as to who you would love to hear voice Charmy...

1. Steve Martin - I believe he can do anything.

2. Weird Al Yankovic - He actually sounds like me from my demo video.

3. Charlie Sheen - Charlie has lived Charmy's life....

4. Jim Belushi - I really think his voice would be cool for this part... and he is within budget.

5. Jeffery Donovan - Yeah, the guy from Burn Notice. He actually is very talented and can pull of Charmy's voice very similarly to the voice I used in my demo.

6. Ron Howard - Yep,Opie. Just imagine Ritchie Cunningham voicing Charmy. AWESOME!

7. Dolph Ziggler - Okay, you are Googling this one, right? Go right on ahead and you'll agree.

8. Jim Carey - Oh, like I could afford him!!! He is more expensive than De Niro...

9. Norm McDonald -  I think Norm is awesome. To bad he is busy pitching Chicken for KFC... I bet I could have afford him!!!! Ya snooze, ya lose....

10. Patton Oswalt - My hand's down favorite pick! This guy would be so perfect.

I would love to hear everyone's suggestions for Charmy's voice. Leave me a comment with your recommendations.

- Davy

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