Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Charmy's Army in "Crossword Puzzled" 05

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I guess the big Comic Con news revolves around the rumor that Disney is going to have a major crackdown at the upcoming New York Comic Con in two weeks. The issue is with artists selling unauthorized character art of Marvel and Disney characters. If you've ever walked Artist's Alley, you know that most of the artists there are selling prints of either DC or Marvel characters. Is this so wrong? That depends on your stance.

Bottom line is, YES... it is very wrong and illegal. Let's think small... what if I saw someone selling posters of Charmy's Army? I would be pretty mad. I am a little guy. In this case size should not matter. Just because Marvel is a huge company doesn't mean they are not getting hurt from this. Use of one's characters should warrant permission and a licensing fee.

So, you wonder if I have been in violation? Hmmm.... well, I do parodies. My art is either Frenchy or Charmy in cosplay... and is a parody of the actual superhero. I am not sure if I am in violation or not. I have been working on posters of my characters as themselves lately. The posters don't move at the show at all. People want characters that they are familiar with... Frenchy means nothing to them... but Frenchy as Thor is a must grab.

At this point I am only spreading a rumor. I am praying that nothing happens and this is all some crazy story someone built up as a sick joke. I do think it is wrong to draw other people's characters and profit solely from them... but at the same time, I do not lose sleep over it. Artist's Alley would not be the same without the characters we know and love.

- Davy

Monday, September 28, 2015

Charmy's Army in "Crossword Puzzled" 04

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I had another great show this past weekend!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the University of Houston - Clear Lake for their ComiCulture event. The show was very small and a welcomed change to the enormous shows I have attended this year. I donated an illustration for the show and in return they gave me my table for free. Tack on that the show was 14 miles from my house and parking was free, this show was a winner before I even set up.

I bet I only met with fifty people all day, but the small number was great because with only 14 vendors, no one was in a rush. The attendees asked questions about my process, about my characters and were all genuinely interested in everything I had to say.

Tack on that I met a few more artists who again gave me some great tips and the show was probably my favorite appearance of the year.

I have one last show this year. I am happy that this first year is over so I can work harder on my comic strip. At the same time, I am so sad to see my shows end because I had so much fun meeting my dedicated readers and making new readers. Now I have to make the big decision... Will I do this next year? Losing money at every show is not fun and not a smart business move.

This last show in Bryan, Texas will be my most important show yet. I now know how to put my best foot forward at these shows. I have some amazing posters for sale. I also have some more expensive original drawings up for grabs. If people are truly interested in my comic strip, there is no way I should continue losing so much money at every show. I have a very good feeling that this show will be the turning point for me and I will go crazy booking shows for 2016.

The only fear I have for this last show is the fact that it is over 130 miles away from home and I will be doing the show solo the entire time. I have only been at one show where the volunteers actually checked on the vendors. The first Comicpalooza show I did was great. The volunteers were stopping by every few hours asking me if I needed a table sitter so I could have a potty break or go grab some food. The other shows I did were beyond terrible and I never saw a single volunteer throughout the course of the shows.

My last show will be Brazos Valley STX Con... and will be amazing. The organizer of this show is super cool. I also hear he is promoting the crap out of the show. Put that together with the fact that the area does not have any other shows during the year and I am betting this show will be amazing for my and Charmy's Army.

Hope to see everyone there October 10th and 11th!!!

- Davy Jones   

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Charmy's Army in "Crossword Puzzled" 03

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I am so excited about this tiny Comic Con I'll be appearing at this weekend. I have been thinking about this show all evening. I have a plan!

I am going to draw a FREE basic sketch card with any purchase, one card per person. Someone can buy 12 posters and they are only getting one free card... If they buy 12 posters though, I may be swayed to do three... a Charmy, Weaver and Frenchy...

The show is FREE as well. If you are in the Houston area, pop by this Saturday at the University of Houston Clear Lake for ComiCulture. Free parking too!!!!

This show is gonna rock....

- Davy

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Charmy's Army in "Crossword Puzzled" 02

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I am getting ready for my last two shows for 2015... meanwhile I am booking shows for 2016 already. Today I booked a table at Amazing Houston Comic Con for Labor Day Weekend 2016. In a few more weeks, I will book Comicpalooza which will run in mid June 2016.

I also want to get a table at Space City Con again, but that will need to wait until I see how my last two shows go. Gotta see if I break even by the end of my last show. If not, I may only do Amazing and Comicpalooza.

These shows have been a ton of fun. I did not do as well as I wish I had at each, but every show has had at least a few amazing moments that have really helped my confidence. I realize that this is more than a dream now. Whether I ever realize my dream and aspiration is yet to be seen. If I never do get there, I will at least have chased it. Gotta be proud of that.

- Davy

Monday, September 21, 2015

Charmy's Army in "Crossword Puzzled" 01

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What a fun weekend. After digesting the fact no one came to Comicpalooza and keeping my ever positive attitude, I realize that this show will be a very important one for me... maybe the best show yet.

I may have only saw a few hundred people, yes the show was THAT bad, but the people I did see spent a ton of time with me... and they will remember me. The next show will be better because of it. When I see these people again, they will remember me and they WILL be fans.

The staff and volunteers at Comicpalooza are top notch. Not every show will be great... and yes, some will bomb. The organizers will get this all straightened out and have an amazing FanFest next Fall.

Two more shows to go and I close out the 2015 tour!!!!

- Davy

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Comicpalooza FanFest Day Two

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The show is over! What a weekend.

The staff and volunteers with Comicpalooza are top notch. This show has the best volunteers out of all the shows I have attended and the show coordinators are just amazing. They truly care about all of their vendors.

Yesterday the turnout was so bad. Today it was non-existent. I do not blame Comicpalooza. Things just happen. I handed out 22 business cards today. Yep, there was no one at the show today. This was my biggest loss so far. 

I had an attendee request a commission yesterday. I should have taken money up front.
The person did not return today. I spent three hours sketching Jokers last night trying to get the look down correctly. The request was for a Joker who looked like a character from the new Teen Titans animated TV series. Basically a big head with a small body. I researched clips on Youtube and images on Google for about a half hour and sketched 25 Juoker heads until I came up with the perfect look. I really love the result! I probably put about 3 hours into this. This was going to be used as a tattoo for the guy. I was pretty excited to tell everyone I was now a tattoo artist! Man, that would have been so cool. The show was so small. I am sure the guy just couldn't justify another day. I'll keep the art on hand for my next two shows in case he comes back. If not, I have a cool Joker to do something with. Maybe I will make a new print series out of this style for people who care less about my ants.

I had such a great feeling about the show on Friday. I actually stayed up until 2:00 am Friday night working on new print cards. Wish I had rested instead now.

The good news is that I met some great vendors and made stronger bonds with the vendors I already knew from previous shows. I also made a ton of kids very happy doing free sketches on Sunday... I did this to help out Comicpalooza in attaching more attendees. It was great fun, just wish people were in a buying mood. This show raelly set me and my goals for the year back.

Oh well. The show's coordinators are top notch. I bet they make this experience up to us.

Next week I am doing ComiCulture in League City. I have a feeling this show is going to be the best one yet!!!! Yep, here I go again.... :) Setting those expectations way too high!!!... lolol....

- Davy


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Comicpalooza FanFest Day One

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I arrived today at the show and was greeted by one of the artists I have befriended at these shows. He was freaking out because he went into the Convention Center and saw that nothing had been set up. The fear was that Comicpalooza canceled on us!

I went up to the observation deck and the hall was completely empty!

Well, it was just an illusion. The room was walled off so it was not visible from the observation deck! Crazy. Everything was set up and ready to go.

We were only given two hours to set up. It takes me 2 and a half hours. Today was no different. Well, when the doors opened, it did not matter as only a hand full of people arrived early and they went straight to the celebrities. 

The show was dead. Throughout the entire day, I handed out 117 business card. I handed them out to nearly everyone who passed by. At a normal show, I will hand out about 400 cards each day and at a great show I will hand out about 600 cards each day.

I talked with some extremely awesome attendees though. I love people. I love giving back to the attendees. They are not there for us. I believe we, the artists, are there for them. I usually talk more about them then I do about my strip if they stick around my table long enough. I love to entertain and make the attendees happy. I feel the need to pick their brains and see what makes them tick. That is what I did today.

Speaking of "picking your brains", one of the most interesting groups of people I talked with were these guys. Turns out they are all from the Clear Lake area like me. Fun group as you can see! This was a typical scene with me and the people I talked with. They are all so nice. No matter how bad I am doing profit-wise, these amazing attendees are making my efforts priceless!

Tomorrow, I have volunteered to do 25 free sketches for first kids to request one. I cannot wait. I have a feeling that Comicpalooza will be awesome tomorrow for all of the vendors. It is family day and that usually means a lot of people. Time will tell I guess.

Gotta get back to a commission. Someone wants a Joker tattoo. I am nearly finished. If he likes it, I will post it tomorrow for everyone to see.

- Davy 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Charmy's Army the COMIC STRIP in "Gettin' Wiggy with It" Strip 6

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I'm getting ready for Comicpalooza. So stressful.  This morning I have my four month checkup on my blood pressure. This should go well with all the stress I've been under with these shows. I'm checking it at home and it is higher than I would like... and the doctor would like as well. Dang it.

I have not been eating or exercising as I should because of all the show prep. Tomorrow's show is the last huge show. After this weekend is over I am going to resume my evening walking program which a few months ago had me feeling 21... lolol....

Wish me luck on my show tomorrow! I will have another in depth show report over the next few days for everyone to enjoy.

- Davy 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Charmy's Army the COMIC STRIP in "Gettin' Wiggy with It" Strip 5

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I received my booth number for this weekend's Comicpalooza's FanFest!!! If anyone is going to this weekend's comic convention, look me up at booth number 329. I am in the back near the celebrities. I actually believe I have the perfect spot. I just have a feeling.

At the BIG Comicpalooza, my table was also near the celebrities and it was a terrible spot. I had little to no traffic. The difference is that this time the venue is much smaller and I don't think traffic will be an issue. The rows run vertically as well so you must walk through Artist's Alley to get to the celebrities. I'm telling you, I am going to do awesome this weekend. Again, I just feel it in my bones. Of course it could just be the cold front that blew through. Not quite sure, but something is making my spine tingle. It very well could be those two bulging discs in my back... Who knows.

I only see one other artist there I know. Really cool guy who turned me onto sketch cards. Looks like I'll be making a lot of new friends again, which is all part of my networking strategy. This weekend is gonna rock.

See ya then.

- Davy 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Charmy's Army the COMIC STRIP in "Gettin' Wiggy with It" Strip 4

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What a crazy couple of weeks! All of these comic conventions are taking their toll on me. I am so freaking exhausted and my back is pretty screwed up. The pain is pretty bad, but it is so worth it. No pain, no gain. These shows have been the most encouraging platforms for me. I have received some much needed encouragement from all the show attendees as well as quite a few readers who looked me up at the last couple of shows.

I had so much doubt leading into Space City Comic Con, but after that show went so incredibly well I was super pumped up for my journey ahead. I followed up with Amazing Houston Comic Con where once again readers were there looking for me and I actually paid off my table and then some!

This weekend I return to Comicpalooza where this journey began. I did horrible at that show because I was not truly prepared. I am ready this time and will have my best show yet. I can feel it!

I am back this week with three new strips. Enjoy!!!

- Davy 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Original Drawings are a Hit at COMIC CONS - ARTISTS ALLEY

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I am going to do a post after Comicpalooza FanFest documenting what I have done right and what I did wrong in Artists Alley at the first few comic cons I attended as an artist. I hope my notes and tips help others. The biggest tip is to have some original art pieces prepared and mark them cheap... For me, this is all about building a brand.

Stay TOON'ed for a complete report in a few weeks... maybe even a video!

- Davy

Charmy Flashback - One of my favorite COMIC STRIPS

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I will be archiving my old strips for everyone soon. Here is one of my favorite strips from me best episode yet... "The Great Fludini".

Next week I will return with the conclusion of Hair Today... Gone Tomorrow. Will Frenchy's hair grow back? Wait and see.....

- Davy

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My Next Poster for my COMIC STRIP

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I love showing everyone my process. I do all of my art the old fashioned way. Shown here is
my pencil sketch for my next poster which will debut at Comicpalooza FanFest. The original inked drawing will be donated to the University of Houston Clear Lake's art program for a giveaway during their ComiCulture comic con in three weeks.

I am so looking forward to the League City ComiCulture con because it is only one day and it is ten minutes from my house... maybe fifteen minutes.... It all depends on the traffic light timing in Seabrook along FM146. Then there is the Seabrook Waffle Company.... I may need to pop in for a waffle.... that is 45 minute delay.... 

I may have to steer clear of Seabrook and go around the big lake via Engret Bat Boulevard instead. Of course then I will be passing by Morning Kolaches. That would only be a ten minute delay though. Those are some good kolaches.... Okay, that settles it then. Morning Kolaches it is. That is still three weekends away.

Would you like to see daily sketches like this once a day Monday through Friday? Become a PATRON OF THE ARTS on and support Charmy's army with a mere $3 per month!!!!! What a bargain, right? Oh, and there are even MORE perks for my bigger supporters. Only want to do a dollar? that's cool too!!! It all adds up and pays for my Comic Con Tables. You get my strips a day early for a buck each month.

Gonna be in Houston this month? Come to any of these shows...
Sept. 19 and 20 - Comicpalooza FanFest - Houston, TX -
Sept. 26 - ComiCulture - League City, TX -

Gonna be in Bryan, Texas next month? Come to this show...
Oct. 10 and 11 - Brazos Valley STX Comic Con - Bryan, TX -

- Davy

Monday, September 7, 2015

Amazing Houston Comic Con - Day Three

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The final day had arrived! Travis was still not feeling well but decided to tag along. He is such a great kid. He came in handy later in the day when I was swamped with people wanting the 3D poster... and when I just needed some company or a bathroom break.

We arrived at 8:00 am on the dot and was again told vendors would not be allowed in until 9:00 am. That only gives vendors 30 minutes to setup before the VIPs arrive. For me, that is no issue. For others it is a major hassle.

Travis and I set out to find food downtown only to discover all the restaurants were closed until 10:00 on Sundays... oh but they were all cooking because the more we walked the more the scent of bacon frying and biscuits cooking filled the air making us both wanna kick in a door or two. We finally found a coffee bar open and they were terrible. The cappuccinos tasted like coffee with a little bit of cream... There was no way that was a cappuccino. They also had breakfast tacos and they were tiny and very bad as well. I hate chewy bacon. Bacon was like rubber.

With that, I figured we were given an omen of the day to come. If the day was like Friday, I new I was in for another disappointing show. My goal here at this show was to break even paying off my table, my new backdrop, and the 3d posters I printed. 

Upon the moment the doors opened, I listened for the roar as convention attendees trampled through the door. Instead of the "rush of the crowd", I heard the "hush of the handful of attendees". Oh this was bad... It took until noon, that is two hours, before the show picked up. Once noon hit, the show was filled with young parents and extremely young kids. Today was Amazing's family day. Families who purchased a Groupon package rate to try something new. They don't go to shows to purchase stuff, but they do desire the show experience which is talking with vendors with a story... and I gave them that experience. 

About three hours into the show I was having fun just talking and entertaining the attendees with my story about how I was going places and the fact I will be in newspapers soon... guaranteeing them that they were meeting someone who would be famous. I guess I would not be famous enough for them to be inspired to buy a sketch, lol, because like every other artist on my row I was not selling anything. For me, that is fine.I just want to pitch my strip. I would love to break even though and I was so close to paying off the table. I mentioned yesterday that I was $40 away from breaking even... that was only for the table cost. I still had another $150 invested in the posters and the backdrop. There is no way I will break even today... but I was already doing better than the last two shows.

Suddenly two guys I met the day before stopped by freaking out. They read my strip when they went home and fell in love with my characters. I was so excited to see some happy readers! They purchased a set of print cards and I had $10 in hand, thinking the day would be picking up any moment! The two guys were so awesome too. If this was as good as the day was to be, I would happily take it.

Right after they left, a gentleman stopped by grinning ear to ear. He had been reading me for a long time and was thrilled to meet me! ME!!! I had a real fan before me. I talked about my process and what I want to do in the future with my strip. I showed him my original hand inked and lettered strips and he was so impressed with the craftsmanship and the labor I put into each and every strip. So much in fact that he purchased one of my originals!!!! Another 75 bucks and the table is now paid for!!!! Plus the I had just paid off the backdrop. I am $100 away from paying off the 3D posters.

I cannot tell you how many people loved the 3D posters! I had one out on display as a "try me" show stopper. It did the trick at getting people to stop. Everyone loved the poster but no one was buying anything. It was not me... it was not any of the awesome artists in artists alley, it was the attendees. No one was purchasing art all weekend. It was Space City Con all over again. Once again I was not doing all that well and the artists around me, seasoned vets of the cons who do this for a living, were doing WORSE than I was. 

The day was winding down and suddenly I had two people return at the same time for a 3D
poster. The lady in the photo also purchased a few sketches! The one thing I love most about these shows is talking with everyone and making their show experience the best it could be. The lady who purchased the 3D poster was so nice. Most artists do not realize the show is not about them and their art. It is about the experience the attendees are getting. I feel that we as artists are here to entertain, to listen to our audience, to interact and learn who our fans are... what makes them tick. I am so bad with names, and I wish I can recall this lady's name but she was the one who was AMAZING. She works with underprivileged kids and works to make a real difference in people's lives. Quite humbling and I was honored to have met her. 

I racked up $50 with those last two purchases and ended up only being $50 from my break even goal. I was quite happy with this considering how badly the other vendors performed. I was also very happy because I had made so many new friends as well. Cory, my neighbor, gave me so many great tips for my next show and he inspired me to keep plugging away.

The other goal I had was to hand out all 1,000 business cards. I handed out about 600. That goal was a huge disappointment. the show had so many dead moments though. Unlike Comicpalooza and Space City Comic Con where I had mobs of people passing by, this show had huge time spans where the aisle was dead.

Still, it I combined what I pulled in at Comicpalooza and what I pulled in at Space City Comic Con, combining my take, I beat both at this one show! That was pretty cool so I am very happy.

Next up? Comicpalooza FanFest!!!! I have a feeling it'll be a fun show.... but something tells me that Amazing Houston Comic Con is going to be as good as my shows are gonna get. I had two attendees at Amazing who purchased one of my original strips at $75 a pop. Those purchases made my show successful. That is not going to happen at every show. If this is as good as it gets, great! I will take it. My plan was to do two shows this year and now look at me. I just finished my third show and I have three more to go.

I will make the call at the end of the year as to what my plans will be for 2016. I may only do two shows again. I want to do Comicpalooza in June and Amazing Comic Con in September. I would love to do Space City Comic Con again, but I can't keep losing money at the shows. I will make firm plans after my last show in Bryan, Texas. If I can manage to turn a profit at one of the last three shows, I will expand my plans for 2016.

All in all, I am so freaking happy with my three shows so far! Year one was not about making money.I knew I would lose money. I just want to get my name out there, meet a few readers, get myself some confidence, and make some key connections. I have done all of that and more. The more being the experience I shared with my son Travis. Priceless.

I want to thank a few people for making my show so awesome. Ben with Brazos Valley Comic Con for making me feel like a rock star, Guy with the Amazing Con for auctioning my work and helping me get my name out there, and Cory, my neighbor, for being such a great mentor and encouraging me to keep working, doing the thing I love... my art!

- Davy 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Amazing Houston Comic Con - Day Two

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After a good night's sleep, I was more than ready for a great day at Amazing Houston Comic Con. First, I missed my freeway exit and had to loop around downtown, getting lost in the process. Downtown Houston has changed a lot in the past five years since I was last there. It only took my five minutes to get my bearings down and before you knew it, I was at the George R Brown Convention Center.

I walked up the the doors right at 8:00. I was told the night before that vendors would be allowed in at 8:00. Things changed overnight and we were told at the door we had to wait until 9:00. No big deal.

I talked with a gentleman waiting to get in. Such a nice guy It is amazing how passionate these fans are about their favorite artists and characters. I hope one day I have the a few fans as nice and awesome as this guy. 

I finally got in and set my table back up. Took ten minutes. Man, I was so excited and ready to pitch my comic strip to anyone who would listen to me ramble. The first two hours though was so bad. No one was walking down my row. I bet there was two or three people strolling past me every five minutes. I engaged each and every one and sold one sketch card. At this pace though, I was getting worried... as was the other artists I spoke with.

Right at noon though, the levy broke and the place went crazy. First, the gentleman I spoke with at the door before the show began walked up and purchased an original hand drawn, hand lettered strip. I decided to bring these today. I did not think they would sell, but within three hours I sold one... and not just any one. The strip that was purchased is the comic strip where Charmy gets his head shaved, which becomes his signature hairstyle. This one will be worth some major bucks once I get syndicated.

After that, I was selling collector cards, sketches and my 3D poster like crazy all the while, pitching my comic strip to a ton of people. I handed out about 350 cards today, so I am guessing by the end of the show tomorrow that I will be hoarse and completely wore out. I am so glad that Monday is a holiday! I am going to sleep all freaking day.... Yeah, like that'll happen.

The rush was constant until 4:30 and then everyone vanished. The place was dead until the end of the show. I actually packed up 20 minutes before the show was over as did most everyone in my row. I was starving and was ready to celebrate a great day. I made just a little bit more today than I made all three days at Space City Comic Con. This show is living up to what everyone had told me about from their experiences the previous year. I am about $40 shy of breaking even. If I can sell three more 3D posters tomorrow or a few sets of sketch cards... whatever... and break even for the first time in three shows, I am going to be so freaking happy.

These shows are all about building two things.... 1. Your Brand... 2. Your Audience. You cannot have one without the other. If you do not have a strong brand, you cannot have an audience. Without an audience, you cannot support your brand. I am quickly establishing both and I am ecstatic. These shows are building something else for me too.... MY FUTURE!

Next stop: SYNDICATION!!!!

- Davy 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Amazing Houston Comic Con - Day One

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My Amazing Houston Comic Con experience actually began last night as I prepped for the
show. I was printing and cutting Print Cards, posters and signage until 3:00 am. I do not recommend cutting cards with an exacto blade after midnight. I have a scar on my arm that I cannot recollect obtaining. I am betting my yorkie scratch me in the middle of the night.

My day began at 6:00 am roughly 3 hours after hitting the hay. I actually had an awesome sleep and felt extremely rested. I was Blessed for I had a long day ahead of me. I would be attending the show on my own as I had attended day one of Comicpalooza six months prior. I am a veteran of two other comic cons now so this should be a breeze, right?

I had packed up between 2:30 and 3:00 am last night so that meant I needed to double check myself. After unpacking and repacking I was ready to go. Everything fit in my two suitcases perfectly. New for this show would be a folder with Sketch Cards and Print Cards as well as a very cool 3D poster.

I hear so many horror stories about checking in at these shows. The two previous shows were such a breeze. Both shows took two minutes to check in and get badges. Amazing Houston Comic Con was JUST as easy, if not easier. I walked straight in and was greEted by someone who pointed me to a desk where I was immediately handed my badge and I was good to go.

As I walk towards my area, I see one hell of a setup with art so freaking awesome. I thought to myself, "Oh please don't let my table be next to that guy". I was right next to THAT guy. THAT guy was Cory. Freaking awesome guy. Talented? Oh yeah, makes me look so weak, BUT at the same time, his stuff enhances my game plan. I standout because my stuff is so different. My stuff is really good too, just in a different way. I could not ask for a better neighbor.

My setup looks great. I could still use some enhancements, but until I begin making money, I cannot justify putting more money into my setup. The new backdrop looks awesome and though I wish it was bigger, for $50 I cannot complain. That price even includes shipping. No longer will the people behind me cramp my style!

After a three hour setup, remember that I had only TWO hours of sleep, I was ready to go. Um... oh, show doesn't begin until 3:00. Crud. I need coffee. Off to Starbucks for a coffee and a sandwich.

Being today is Friday, I did not expect a large crowd. It was very small, but the attendees were extremely interactive. I was constantly engaged in conversations throughout the first two hours. People were so interested in hearing my process on how I create a strip. I was more than happy to talk through my processes for writing, drawing, directing and everything involved in producing my awesome comic strip.

Right at 5:00 though, things slowed down. I broke out the copic markers and colored in a few drawings and after 40 minutes, the show attendance boomed.

 Ben, the gentleman who requested a sketch cover, stopped by to pick it up. His face was
priceless. I put a ton of work into this and the hard work was worth it to see his smile. He told me he had no idea I was going to do such an intense job. It was important for me to turn over one heck of a product. This was, after all, my first sketch cover ever.

As you can see from the photo i posted on Instagram, Ben looks very happy! We talked for quite a while. Everyone knows I love to talk. Ben is the promoter of the show I am doing in Bryan in October... another reason I wanted that sketch cover to be awesome. He talked about his history with previous shows and discussed possibly using me in a video to support the upcoming show. I am a ham and hope I get to participate! My mug is made for television. :)

I am such an idiot. Cory, the artist next to me, was talking to an older gentlemen and sold him a print, refusing to take payment stating how honored he was just to know he owned his art.

The gentlemen stopped by my table next. I talked to him for 5 or 10 minutes about my strip. He was extremely interested, asking questions and conversing back and forth.

He then made his way to the girl next to me and talked for about five minutes. When he moved on again, I asked her who he was. She said she had no idea. Two minutes later she ran up to me with her program. The man was DAVID PROWSE!!!!... the actor who suited up as Darth Vader!!!!

Photo Op lost. He was gone by this time.

I sold one print card for $5. Not a good start, but this was the case with everyone. The other artists sold only a few items. Low attendance took its toll. I have a gut feeling that tomorrow will be the exact opposite. I handed out about 200 business cards. That is awesome.... but tomorrow I want to hand out at least 500 cards. That is the goal. I want to run out of the 1,000 cards I printed up by the show's end. To me, THAT is success.

- Davy

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sketch Card - Shazam!

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Today's sketch card is Captain Marvel, or as the copyright police want you to hear....,
SHAZAM! Yep, I don't just draw Frenchy all day. Here we have Charmy in cosplay attire. I am frantically trying to find time to do at least 6 more sketch card with Charmy. Sadly, I am out of time. Guess a guy can just do so much!

I recall watching the Shazam Saturday morning cartoon show as a kid. I never found it odd that Billy Batson was riding around the country with an old man in a beat up, old RV. Nope. Never saw that as creepy at all.

I do know that standing outside during a lightning storm yelling Shazam does NOT turn you into a superhero. I tried on several occasions and I can testify that it does not work. I can report that weathering a violent storm does get you one thing... grounded. Which was something I wasn't while standing out in that lightning storm. I was a stupid kid.

Gotta make this short so I can get back to making sketch cards. Who needs sleep???? Promoting a webcomic is more work than DOING a webcomic.

- Davy

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sketch Card - Black Cat

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Today's sketch card character is a bit more obscure. Here is Marvel's Black Cat. Frenchy wanted to dress as something a bit less commercial today. Sometimes you just have to fight the norm and do something unexpected.

As for a status update for Friday's Amazing Houston Comic Con, I can say I am officially freaked out. I am just about out of time on everything I needed to have accomplished. I will have to deal with whatever I have prepared and just kick back and have fun.

I just remembered I have to make new signs... dang it. There is just not enough time!

I want to set goals for the show. Goals that are not crazy. I need a few reachable accomplishments. Here we go...

GOAL ONE: Sell stuff and make at least $150. This won't pay for my table, but it will be $20 better than I did at Space City Comic Con... where I did $45 better than Comicpalooza.

GOAL TWO: Hand out 500 business cards. I need to reach as many people as possible and drag them to my website here at

GOAL THREE: Make very good friends with the artists on either side of my table. I am not saying I need network connections. The fact is that I will do the show solo and I will need potty breaks. I have to make sure my neighbors like me so they will help watch my stuff in case the morning breakfast tacos go south

GOAL FOUR: Have at least 5 strong conversations with attendees each day. In my mind, a strong conversation is one that lasts at least 5 minutes as I talk about my strip, my dream and my future plans.

Okay, I need one last goal.... hmmm.....

GOAL FIVE: Have a blast, make friends and just enjoy being surrounded by artists more talented than I could ever dream about being. Hanging around other creative people is so much fun. I recall when I worked at DSI Toys, my coworkers made my job and long hours simply amazing. Man, I miss that job... but not THAT much. I would much rather be a lumberjack!... or a syndicated cartoonist. Whichever offers a good 401K....

- Davy