Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Charmy's Army in "Crossword Puzzled" 02

I am getting ready for my last two shows for 2015... meanwhile I am booking shows for 2016 already. Today I booked a table at Amazing Houston Comic Con for Labor Day Weekend 2016. In a few more weeks, I will book Comicpalooza which will run in mid June 2016.

I also want to get a table at Space City Con again, but that will need to wait until I see how my last two shows go. Gotta see if I break even by the end of my last show. If not, I may only do Amazing and Comicpalooza.

These shows have been a ton of fun. I did not do as well as I wish I had at each, but every show has had at least a few amazing moments that have really helped my confidence. I realize that this is more than a dream now. Whether I ever realize my dream and aspiration is yet to be seen. If I never do get there, I will at least have chased it. Gotta be proud of that.

- Davy

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