Monday, September 28, 2015

Charmy's Army in "Crossword Puzzled" 04

I had another great show this past weekend!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the University of Houston - Clear Lake for their ComiCulture event. The show was very small and a welcomed change to the enormous shows I have attended this year. I donated an illustration for the show and in return they gave me my table for free. Tack on that the show was 14 miles from my house and parking was free, this show was a winner before I even set up.

I bet I only met with fifty people all day, but the small number was great because with only 14 vendors, no one was in a rush. The attendees asked questions about my process, about my characters and were all genuinely interested in everything I had to say.

Tack on that I met a few more artists who again gave me some great tips and the show was probably my favorite appearance of the year.

I have one last show this year. I am happy that this first year is over so I can work harder on my comic strip. At the same time, I am so sad to see my shows end because I had so much fun meeting my dedicated readers and making new readers. Now I have to make the big decision... Will I do this next year? Losing money at every show is not fun and not a smart business move.

This last show in Bryan, Texas will be my most important show yet. I now know how to put my best foot forward at these shows. I have some amazing posters for sale. I also have some more expensive original drawings up for grabs. If people are truly interested in my comic strip, there is no way I should continue losing so much money at every show. I have a very good feeling that this show will be the turning point for me and I will go crazy booking shows for 2016.

The only fear I have for this last show is the fact that it is over 130 miles away from home and I will be doing the show solo the entire time. I have only been at one show where the volunteers actually checked on the vendors. The first Comicpalooza show I did was great. The volunteers were stopping by every few hours asking me if I needed a table sitter so I could have a potty break or go grab some food. The other shows I did were beyond terrible and I never saw a single volunteer throughout the course of the shows.

My last show will be Brazos Valley STX Con... and will be amazing. The organizer of this show is super cool. I also hear he is promoting the crap out of the show. Put that together with the fact that the area does not have any other shows during the year and I am betting this show will be amazing for my and Charmy's Army.

Hope to see everyone there October 10th and 11th!!!

- Davy Jones   

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