Sunday, September 20, 2015

Comicpalooza FanFest Day Two

The show is over! What a weekend.

The staff and volunteers with Comicpalooza are top notch. This show has the best volunteers out of all the shows I have attended and the show coordinators are just amazing. They truly care about all of their vendors.

Yesterday the turnout was so bad. Today it was non-existent. I do not blame Comicpalooza. Things just happen. I handed out 22 business cards today. Yep, there was no one at the show today. This was my biggest loss so far. 

I had an attendee request a commission yesterday. I should have taken money up front.
The person did not return today. I spent three hours sketching Jokers last night trying to get the look down correctly. The request was for a Joker who looked like a character from the new Teen Titans animated TV series. Basically a big head with a small body. I researched clips on Youtube and images on Google for about a half hour and sketched 25 Juoker heads until I came up with the perfect look. I really love the result! I probably put about 3 hours into this. This was going to be used as a tattoo for the guy. I was pretty excited to tell everyone I was now a tattoo artist! Man, that would have been so cool. The show was so small. I am sure the guy just couldn't justify another day. I'll keep the art on hand for my next two shows in case he comes back. If not, I have a cool Joker to do something with. Maybe I will make a new print series out of this style for people who care less about my ants.

I had such a great feeling about the show on Friday. I actually stayed up until 2:00 am Friday night working on new print cards. Wish I had rested instead now.

The good news is that I met some great vendors and made stronger bonds with the vendors I already knew from previous shows. I also made a ton of kids very happy doing free sketches on Sunday... I did this to help out Comicpalooza in attaching more attendees. It was great fun, just wish people were in a buying mood. This show raelly set me and my goals for the year back.

Oh well. The show's coordinators are top notch. I bet they make this experience up to us.

Next week I am doing ComiCulture in League City. I have a feeling this show is going to be the best one yet!!!! Yep, here I go again.... :) Setting those expectations way too high!!!... lolol....

- Davy



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    1. Thanks bro! I wonder if debbie will let ME get the tattoo....... shouldn't go to waste.


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