Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sketch Card - Frenchy as AQUAMAN

Here is today's sketch card as I prepare for my big appearance at Amazing Houston Comic
Con. I hope doing these sketch cards wasn't another big waste of time... I ques TIME will soon tell, right?
My goal was to do 9 cards of Charmy and 9 cards of Frenchy in Cosplay. I did not realize each card would take an hour or two!!!! I have 6 Frenchy cards and three Charmy cards. That will make one full page in my binder. I am going to get the smallest binder I can so it looks like I have a bunch of cards. Hey, it sounds like it will work in my head anyways....

Amazing Comic Con is Friday. I am beginning to freak out. I need to chill and just go with whatever I have ready. I have no idea why I always feel like I have to be the best I can every time. Truth is, that just sets me up for failure!

If anyone is preparing to sit in Artists Alley for the first time, I have some HUGE advice. Don't expect a thing. You are unknown. You have to do a ton of shows to grow your audience. You are not gonna make enough sales to pay off your table... or maybe even parking if you are in a big super convention setting. You make however pay for a meal or two.

I went into my first show in May believing I would kill it. Thank goodness Jay, the guy in the booth next to be, set me straight that first day. I actually make about half of my table cost which Jay said was great for a newbie. I was happy.

I have talked to a ton of artists now at the last two shows and they all tell me the same thing. It took them years to get established in this Con Community. You must pay your dues. I am up for the challenge and I am prepared for the long hall. I hope everyone sticks around for the ride. It is going to be a wild one!

- Davy

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