Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sketch Card - Shazam!

Today's sketch card is Captain Marvel, or as the copyright police want you to hear....,
SHAZAM! Yep, I don't just draw Frenchy all day. Here we have Charmy in cosplay attire. I am frantically trying to find time to do at least 6 more sketch card with Charmy. Sadly, I am out of time. Guess a guy can just do so much!

I recall watching the Shazam Saturday morning cartoon show as a kid. I never found it odd that Billy Batson was riding around the country with an old man in a beat up, old RV. Nope. Never saw that as creepy at all.

I do know that standing outside during a lightning storm yelling Shazam does NOT turn you into a superhero. I tried on several occasions and I can testify that it does not work. I can report that weathering a violent storm does get you one thing... grounded. Which was something I wasn't while standing out in that lightning storm. I was a stupid kid.

Gotta make this short so I can get back to making sketch cards. Who needs sleep???? Promoting a webcomic is more work than DOING a webcomic.

- Davy

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