Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Charmy's Army in "Lost in Translation" 05

Now that I've lost all of my fans from Germany, I need to plot out what's next for me and Charmy's Army. I have big plans prior to June's Comicpalooza which will be my next show.

PRINTED COMIC BOOK: I will have a printed comic book for purchase. Yep! How cool is that? Well it will be more than cool. I have something so extra special planned for this amazingly cool publication. I cannot even get into it right now because it is so crazy cool that I don't want someone stealing my idea.

PRINTED IN NEWSPAPERS: I vow that by June my comic strip will be printed regularly in a few newspapers. If the syndicates continue to ignore my submissions, then I am taking the bull by the horns. My next plan is to knock on the door of every newspaper in the US. This strip is too good and my determination is too bold.

MORE POSTERS AND SKETCH CARDS: I plan on doubling my poster count and tripling my sketch and print card count! I am going to be so freaking busy!!! This will mean at least two new posters each month. Insane. Why do I do this to myself?

That is the plan. If I live through this, June will be one hell of a show!

- Davy


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