Monday, November 30, 2015

Charmy's Army the COMIC STRIP in "Black Tuesday" 01

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I am going to do my strips in Black and White for the time being as I prepare to follow the next stage of my goals... that stage being SYNDICATION!!!

No... That does not mean I have been syndicated... or that I am closing in.... No, it just means I am going to push harder and begin hitting up every newspaper I can get the attention of. I have sent out a few dozen emails over the past month to newspapers without hearing any responses. That's okay, I am used to that from the syndicates. They never respond to my submissions either.

My strip is too good to continue going unnoticed. I wish I had the perfect plan, but I don't. What I do have is Faith in God.With that intact, I am happy with whatever happens or whatever doesn't happen. So long as I keep enjoying what I am doing, all is good.

So, black and white... most newspapers run strips in black and white. I need to prove that my comic strip stands up in Black and White, Any comic strip looks good with some color tossed on it. I need to display my inking skills and display the raw talent I possess if I ever intend on having a newspaper ever run my strip.

- Davy

Friday, November 27, 2015

"The Legend of the Dork Knight" - Comic Strip 06 of 06

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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

I had a ton of fun putting this episode of Charmy's Army together for my readers. I believe this past week has shown some of my best work.

This is also a small look at an even bigger idea I have for a graphic novel. I have about a dozen more gags written. I also have a twisted outline for one heck of a story. I just need a contact at DC Comics.

Which is never gonna happen if I do not get syndicated soon.

And that won't ever happen.

But you never know, right?

Never give up on me and I promise never to give up on my dream. This Thanksgiving I am SO thankful for all my readers and supporters. You have all kept me going strong as I chase a dream that only a hand full of people will ever realize. Syndication.

- Davy

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"The Legend of the Dork Knight" - Comic Strip 05 of 06

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Here is today's strip! I was so sick yesterday. Sorry I didn't get it uploaded in time. I'm still under the weather but good to go for some turkey tomorrow!!!


- Davy

Monday, November 23, 2015

"The Legend of the Dork Knight" - Comic Strip 04 of 06

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I worked SUPER hard to get Kara, aka Supergirl, to look as close to Melissa Benoist as possible. I believe Melissa has turned in one heck of a portrayal. I do have a few issues though, like how did she pierce her ears? There is also a small chicken pox scar above her left eye... Can Kryptonians contract chicken pox? Other than that and a terrible script, the show is great! I really had high hopes for this one.....

I think this show needs to be dark. I am not a huge Flash or Arrow fans either and those shows are doing pretty well. What do I know. I also think my comic strip is the greatest strip to emerge in the past 15 years... and look at it. I am in NO newspapers and I am bleeding out about around $800 annually promoting the strip and purchasing supplies. 

Bad to Supergirl, why the heck is this aired opposite Gotham? Let's pit an untried tv show against another DC Comics show which is killing it in the rating... So wise....

I hope the show gets better. Supergirl's pilot episode was pretty good, but each episode afterwards has been weaker than the previous one. So sad. The show could have been so much better. Which is what people say about Charmy's Army!!! lolol....

- Davy


Friday, November 20, 2015

"The Legend of the Dork Knight" - Comic Strip 03 of 06

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I had some HUGE numbers with Monday's and Wednesday's strips. The Just Ants League appears to be a hit.I am going to begin working up character studies of all members past and present. As with Aquaman, some have gone through some huge transformations. Aquaman is no longer the clean shaven, Blonde haired, GQ looker he was a few years ago. After the death of his wife Mera and the loss of so many of his friends during Infinite Crisis, the former king from Ant Lantis when all Grizzly Adams.

I had planned on working up next week's strips early, but as of today I have not had the motivation to do anything after my work day completes... or should I say "DEPLETES". This has been a very rough week. The Thanksgiving holiday is nearly here so hopefully all will pick up after I stagger through tomorrow's load of insane deadlines.

I so long for the day where I can do my comic strip full time. That day is never going to happen of course, but having that dream makes me happy. Everyone knows that no one ever gets syndicated these days. It has been over 15 years since Pearls Before Swine was the last strip to be successfully syndicated. My dream may be nothing more than a "pipe" dream, but without that dream I would so lost. You have no idea what it is like having stories playing in your head every second of the day. It is so awesome. I need this dream so I can share all the crazy tales I conjure up.

Enjoy today's strip. Hopefully I will find time to sketch and ink the next three strips for next week. Wish me luck!!!! I sure need it.

- Davy

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

"The Legend of the Dork Knight" - Comic Strip 02 of 06

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So here is the deal. I have a warped vision of how the DC Universe plays out in Charmy's world. Screw that New 52 crap. What a terrible reboot. My universe is edgy and amazingly unpredictable. There are some superheroes that are completely original hailing from my own imagination. Other heroes have spins that make them unique to Charmy's DC Universe while some are straight out of the comics you've read forever.

In my world, Superman and Batman have had a huge falling out. Both have enormous egos and these super egos have clashed one too many times as they fought early on to be the leader of the original Just Ants League. Their rivalry led to Batman quitting the league many years ago. Superman leadership through the following two years faltered and he was replaced by Aquaman.

Everyone knows this right?

Aquaman wanted to create an army like he was accustomed to in his kingdom known as Ant Lantis. He recruited 62 new members, expanding the league from 6 members to 68 of the most powerful heroes the world has ever known. Four years later Earth was rocked by the Infinity Crisis which saw the deaths of 38 of the League members. Aquaman blamed himself for the loss and stepped down, vanishing for several years.

The remaining heroes split into their own factions and the Just Ants League was down to their original members, minus Batman who refuses to return to the league to this day and Aquaman who is out in the world somewhere brooding over his failed leadership.

The four remaining members consist of Superman, Wonder Woman, The Green Lantern Hal Jordan and The Flash. This current incarnation of the Justice League welcomed the return of the Martian Manhunter, Captain Marvel, and Starfire. 

Over the course of the past few years the league has grown to 22 members including the return of Aquaman.

So there is the League's history in a nutshell. This leads us up to where we are now. Bruce Wayne is injured and Charmy has stepped in to wear the cape and cowl... a lead coated cowl of course. Can't let even Superman know the mighty Batman is out of action. Bruce is more worried about Superman finding out than he is about the villains doing so. Bruce has seen what can happen at the destructive hands of the man from krypton, and he is prepared to take him down if needed.

This all leads us up to my Graphic Novel ANTidote. I hope to one day unleash the entire tale. For now, please enjoy these small excerpts from my pending masterpiece.

- Davy

Monday, November 16, 2015

"The Legend of the Dork Knight" - Comic Strip 01 of 06

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I have a HUGE update on my magic fortune cookie!!!! Appears it was a fake!!! Yep.

In case you missed it, a week ago I received a message in my fortune cookie stating something very exciting would happen to me this past Friday. I just KNEW that I was going to get that long awaited phone call from a syndicate wanting to publish Charmy's Army.

I stayed up until midnight and nothing happened. lolol, like I ever thought it would!!!

Today, we get our first look inside the Candy Bar since my reboot. Things are about to pick up!!!! Please enjoy this week's episode featuring the Just Ants League. This episode will be SUPER cool....

- Davy

Friday, November 13, 2015

"What a Weenie" COMIC STRIP 06 of 06

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I cannot wait to see what my surprise is!!!!!!!!!!

In case you missed it, I opened a magic fortune cookie Sunday which predicted my life would change today!!!! The cookie read, " This coming Friday is going to be an exciting time for you."

I am betting a syndicate is gonna come knocking! Or maybe I'll have a syndicated cartoonist contact me wanting to be my mentor. Or I'll be nominated as web cartoonist of the year for next year's Reubens.... Man, tomorrow is gonna be amazing!!!!!



Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"What a Weenie" COMIC STRIP 05 of 06

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Only a few more days until Friday!!!! In case you missed the news yesterday, I am going to have something REALLY HUGE happen this coming Friday. What is it? Heck, I have no freaking idea. All I know is that my fortune cookie was very specific. It read, " This coming Friday will be an exciting time for you".

This is awesome.

I hope the excitement surrounds a new level of success for my comic strip. Maybe a syndication offer is pending! All I know is that Friday is going to be amazing.

Stay TOON'ed for more!!!!

- Davy

Monday, November 9, 2015

"What a Weenie" COMIC STRIP 04 of 06

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Phew! What a week I had last week. I wrote a total of 12 strips on my lunch breaks!!!! That is a new record. Plus, they were ALL funny! Another record.

Today I was at a Chinese Food restaurant and I received the following message written on my fortune cookie's magic piece of paper...

"This coming Friday will be an exciting time for you."

OH MAN!!!! I cannot wait for Friday! What could possibly be in store for me? Will Charmy get a syndication offer? Will I get a huge raise at work? Will Cheap Trick perform a private concert for me? Oh man, I can only imagine.

I bet Friday will be the best day ever for me. I cannot stop thinking of all the possibilities. All I know is that I am gonna be so freaking upset if this restaurant is jerking me around. If they are I am going to give them a horrible review on Yelp.

- Davy

Friday, November 6, 2015

"What a Weenie" COMIC STRIP 03 of 06

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Here is Friday's strip. Enjoy!

- Davy

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

"What a Weenie" COMIC STRIP 02 of 06

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Here is today's strip!!! Enjoy!!!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

"What a Weenie" COMIC STRIP 01 of 06

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Here is today's comic strip. I purchased a new computer over the weekend. The three strips I color each week takes me about 6 hours to prepare. My new computer has a touch screen and my time was cut nearly in half! I colored these three in about three and a half hours.

I am looking forward to creating videos for everyone using my new computer. The next couple of months will be pretty fun.

Stay TOON'ed!

- Davy