Friday, November 20, 2015

"The Legend of the Dork Knight" - Comic Strip 03 of 06

I had some HUGE numbers with Monday's and Wednesday's strips. The Just Ants League appears to be a hit.I am going to begin working up character studies of all members past and present. As with Aquaman, some have gone through some huge transformations. Aquaman is no longer the clean shaven, Blonde haired, GQ looker he was a few years ago. After the death of his wife Mera and the loss of so many of his friends during Infinite Crisis, the former king from Ant Lantis when all Grizzly Adams.

I had planned on working up next week's strips early, but as of today I have not had the motivation to do anything after my work day completes... or should I say "DEPLETES". This has been a very rough week. The Thanksgiving holiday is nearly here so hopefully all will pick up after I stagger through tomorrow's load of insane deadlines.

I so long for the day where I can do my comic strip full time. That day is never going to happen of course, but having that dream makes me happy. Everyone knows that no one ever gets syndicated these days. It has been over 15 years since Pearls Before Swine was the last strip to be successfully syndicated. My dream may be nothing more than a "pipe" dream, but without that dream I would so lost. You have no idea what it is like having stories playing in your head every second of the day. It is so awesome. I need this dream so I can share all the crazy tales I conjure up.

Enjoy today's strip. Hopefully I will find time to sketch and ink the next three strips for next week. Wish me luck!!!! I sure need it.

- Davy

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