Monday, November 9, 2015

"What a Weenie" COMIC STRIP 04 of 06

Phew! What a week I had last week. I wrote a total of 12 strips on my lunch breaks!!!! That is a new record. Plus, they were ALL funny! Another record.

Today I was at a Chinese Food restaurant and I received the following message written on my fortune cookie's magic piece of paper...

"This coming Friday will be an exciting time for you."

OH MAN!!!! I cannot wait for Friday! What could possibly be in store for me? Will Charmy get a syndication offer? Will I get a huge raise at work? Will Cheap Trick perform a private concert for me? Oh man, I can only imagine.

I bet Friday will be the best day ever for me. I cannot stop thinking of all the possibilities. All I know is that I am gonna be so freaking upset if this restaurant is jerking me around. If they are I am going to give them a horrible review on Yelp.

- Davy

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