Monday, December 28, 2015

Submissions Ready for Distribution!

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2016, HERE I COME!

Over the past few weeks I have been working feverishly on my submissions for newspaper publication. The presentation is 11 pages long and includes three weeks worth of comic strips, character bios and Charmy's publishing information.

My crazy idea is to print and mail these to thousands of newspapers. The more I run this plan through my brain, the more crazy IO realize this sounds. It is an impossible task... and I cannot wait to kick this campaign off. I am hoping to mail 10 per week, every week, for however many years this takes.

I also plan to begin publishing SIX strips per week beginning on my Birthday week in March. Happy birthday to me, right?

Yep, I have gone insane. My journey begins now, I am going to be drawing my strip every night... and I am going to be spending Wednesday evenings preparing submissions. My schedule in March will be as follows....

Every lunch hour I will write with a goal of writing 1.5 weeks (9 strips) worth of strips.

Monday evenings - Prep the templates for 6 strips.

Tuesday evenings - Sketch in the templates for 6 strips

Wednesday evenings - Prep ten submissions

Thursday - Hand letter 6 strips

Friday and Saturday - Ink art for 6 strips

Saturday - Mail 10 submissions

Sunday - Scan and prepare 6 strips for distribution. Distribute strips prepared four weeks prior to newspapers running my strip.

This is so very doable! Seriously. This is so gonna work. Once I get into 150 papers, I may be able to do this full time so I can add a few side projects. I would love to add a monthly comic book online by 2018.

- Davy

Friday, December 25, 2015


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I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!!! I know I did. However, I do miss my strip. After four days of not touching my special pens, I am having withdrawals. I love drawing this strip. I love it so much, I may have to cut short this holiday break.

I gotta get back to work on Charmy's Army!!!!

I am working up a presentation which will be sent to every single newspaper in the United States. Yes, every single one. It will cost a fortune too. I am talking a HUGE amount of money. As a result, I am cutting my tour this year to only two shows. I will do Comicpalooza in June and Amazing Comic Con in September. Both will be in Houston. I lose money at each show which is funding needed for my presentation for the newspapers.

My goal by the summer is to be in twelve newspapers. This is an impossible goal but I feel I can do it. My strip is the best offering out there and my fee is very cheap. Since I am not using a syndicate, I can cut my cost down and make a very attractive offer to the newspapers. I am very excited about this fact and I know that editor's across the world will love this fact as well.

I am going to begin work on some special drawings for the presentation. I will share them with everyone soon. On Patreon, my supporters will see all the steps involved in preparing this presentation. I will make this preview available for all anyone supporting me with $1 or more per month.

Gotta run. I ate WAY too much today and need to do some exercising. Or maybe I will just go to bed.... Not sure.



Monday, December 21, 2015

Charmy's Army in "Santa Claused" 03

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Here is the LAST STRIP for 2015!!!

It is time for me to take my final holiday break. This time next year I am going to be in a dozen newspapers. Once that transpires, I will no longer be able to take any breaks.

How do I know Charmy will be running in a dozen papers? Heck, I don't. The deal is, if I am not in a single paper next year, I truly believe this industry is dead. My work is so good and my characters are so freaking lovable. Plus my audience is growing like crazy.

I had a fan recognize me at CVS on Saturday!!!! I had a Charmy shirt on so that may have helped a little. Being called out and told how much a reader looks forward to seeing what Charmy or Weaver are up to each week felt amazing. There is just no way my comic strip is NOT gonna take off in 2016.

I will return with new comic strips the first week on January. I won't be gone long.

During these two weeks I plan on contacting more newspapers. I am going to get this strip published soon somewhere. I have one newspaper who is looking at an April or May launch. We just have to wait and see what happens between now and late Spring.

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone. I hope to have some amazing news upon my return.

- Davy

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Charmy's Army in "Santa Claused" 02

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Here is today's strip! I finished writing next week's as well so we are good for the Holidays. Just gotta find time to draw them.

- Davy

Monday, December 14, 2015

Charmy's Army in "Santa Claused" 01

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I debated on whether or not I would do a strip this week because I have so much going on. The longer the weekend grew, the more I knew I had no choice but to get three strips ready fro my readers. I actually wrote this episode on the fly! I just dug in and created three strips without blinking an eye. My passion for this comic strip makes the impossible seem like a walk in the park on a Spring morning.

I just wished I was good enough to take my strip into syndication.

Hey, I am having a blast doing this for my readers. I now estimate I have about 5,700 readers now between my hit count I see here, on Facebook, on Twitter and on Go Comics. Patreon is another story. Man, I wish I could figure that place out. That could actually bring in some money. I really do not see any cartoonists there doing well. I may pull out of Patreon early next year so I can focus all of my effort on my mission to "self syndicate" myself.

I hope to do three strips next week as well. I just have so much going on. Nothing fun... just "stuff". I cannot recall a single Holiday in the past ten years where I was relaxed and enjoying the Holidays. My 18 years in the toy industry was always marred by "catalog season" as we prepped for the February toy show. I worked late every night in December. As much as I hated "catalog season", I loved the toy industry. I was very young then... young and stupid. Now, I do not think I could ever go back into that frenzy. Nope. My dream is cartooning, but I am fine actually staying exactly where I am. I love my current day job and the people I work with. My bosses always let me know how great I am doing as well as how much they appreciate my hard work. FYI, there is no packaging designer who works harder than me.... :)

Gotta get back to more "stuff"! Nearly nine in the evening on Sunday and I am still working on other stuff. I am thinking this year me and my family needs a real vacation.... you know, away from "stuff"!!!! lolol......

- Davy

Friday, December 11, 2015

Charmy's Army the COMIC STRIP in "Black Tuesday" 06

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I hope everyone has enjoyed this episode!!! Not sure what'll happen next week. I have a ton of stuff going on. I may have to take a holiday break. We'll see what happens.

- Davy

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Charmy's Army the COMIC STRIP in "Black Tuesday" 05

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I was in stock the other day!!!! My aily hit count has been averaging about 100 hits per day here. Tiny compared to the hits I get on Facebook and GoComics. The other day my numbers exploded here on Okra Comics. I am getting over 2,000 hits per day.  Just a thousand shy of Facebook and about a thousand more than GoComics!

Now if I can only get a few newspapers to roll the dice on my little comic strip.

Email your local newspaper's editor and tell them about Charmy's Army!!!!

- Davy

Monday, December 7, 2015

Charmy's Army the COMIC STRIP in "Black Tuesday" 04

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It is time to run in a few newspapers!!!

I am contacting every single newspaper in the United States... one by one... starting with Texas. I can contacted 32 papers so far via email. One, a paper in Alvin, has contacted me back already. They want to talk with me in the Spring. I am so excited.

If I can get into a dozen papers this Spring, I believe my journey will finally be on track. The goal is 250 newspapers. I believe I can make a living at this if I reach that number. Will this happen? Who knows. Gotta try.

More news coming soon....

- Davy

Friday, December 4, 2015

Charmy's Army the COMIC STRIP in "Black Tuesday" 03

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I have now contacted over 30 newspapers via email! I actually heard back from one in Alvin, Texas. The editor wants to talk with me in the Spring about a possible run in that town's paper! Pretty cool, especially since Alvin is just 20 minutes from where I live. I can get my hands on a ton of papers.

My goal is to run Charmy's Army in a dozen newspapers by March. I always aim too high. I need 300 newspapers before I can make a living at this... which is probably never gonna happen, but I am going to try.

- Davy

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Charmy's Army the COMIC STRIP in "Black Tuesday" 02

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At the end of this strip, Charmy looks like how I feel today! Yep, self syndicating your comic strip is rough. Gonna email six more newspapers tonight. I am beginning to think this email campaign is not going to work. I need to mail out hard copies of my proposal to the papers I emailed... and then two weeks later I will call them.

Maybe if I call them after all of that, they will at least talk to me and say, "please go away"... lolol.... 

I just need one newspaper to be brave enough to invest in my dream. I know it'll happen soon!!!

- Davy