Monday, December 28, 2015

Submissions Ready for Distribution!

2016, HERE I COME!

Over the past few weeks I have been working feverishly on my submissions for newspaper publication. The presentation is 11 pages long and includes three weeks worth of comic strips, character bios and Charmy's publishing information.

My crazy idea is to print and mail these to thousands of newspapers. The more I run this plan through my brain, the more crazy IO realize this sounds. It is an impossible task... and I cannot wait to kick this campaign off. I am hoping to mail 10 per week, every week, for however many years this takes.

I also plan to begin publishing SIX strips per week beginning on my Birthday week in March. Happy birthday to me, right?

Yep, I have gone insane. My journey begins now, I am going to be drawing my strip every night... and I am going to be spending Wednesday evenings preparing submissions. My schedule in March will be as follows....

Every lunch hour I will write with a goal of writing 1.5 weeks (9 strips) worth of strips.

Monday evenings - Prep the templates for 6 strips.

Tuesday evenings - Sketch in the templates for 6 strips

Wednesday evenings - Prep ten submissions

Thursday - Hand letter 6 strips

Friday and Saturday - Ink art for 6 strips

Saturday - Mail 10 submissions

Sunday - Scan and prepare 6 strips for distribution. Distribute strips prepared four weeks prior to newspapers running my strip.

This is so very doable! Seriously. This is so gonna work. Once I get into 150 papers, I may be able to do this full time so I can add a few side projects. I would love to add a monthly comic book online by 2018.

- Davy

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