Friday, January 29, 2016

Charmy's Army in "In-Trenched" 03

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Here is Friday's strip. Enjoy!!!!

- Davy

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Charmy's Army in "In-Trenched" 02

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Here is Wednesday's strip. Enjoy!

- Davy

Monday, January 25, 2016

Charmy's Army in "In-Trenched" 01

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Here is the beginning of my best series of strips yet, This story has action and suspense!!! Hold on to your hats. This will be a wild ride over the course of 12 strips.

My goal is to run in at least 92 paying newspapers publishing three days per week. If I can get into some big newspapers running six days per week, then my goal number will lower. This goal will have me close to my current salary. The dream is then to switch to my comic strip full time. Of course, this goal of 92 papers is very unrealistic. I will be lucky to get a hand full of papers to run my comic strip. If you never try something, you will never succeed.

Gotta run. My goal is to mail presentations to 25 papers this week. I need to run and purchase ink. Got another long day ahead... but I day that I fully control with reasonable expectations and goals!

- Davy

Friday, January 22, 2016

Charmy's Army in "Shark Tanked" 06

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I now have TWO newspapers interested in running Charmy's Army. I am not going to get excited though. This does not mean they will run it. Both contacts for these papers enthusiastically responded to inform me they are seriously considering my placement... but both stated they have to wait until April for a decision.

I heard from only one other paper. They said that they were not interested because they do not run comics and see no need for a comic strip eating up valuable ad space. Their loss but I completely understand.

I have 20 newspaper submission requests in the hands of editors and I am working on my next 20! I am not going to stop until they all say yes or no. I have a feeling I am carving my destiny.

Stay TOON'ed

- Davy

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Charmy's Army in "Shark Tanked" 05

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Sending out 20 submissions to 20 newspapers today!!!! I am hitting up newspapers in Texas first unless anyone has a newspaper in their state they'd like me to contact. I have the name of every editor of every newspaper in the US. I have been VERY busy.

If you have a paper you would love seeing Charmy in, let me know. I can give you the editor's email, mailing address and phone number!!!! Okay, I won't give you that... but I will contact them myself on your behalf.

Today I have added another shark from Shark Tank. Drawing Lori Greiner was tough. I sketch her over and over for an hour until I felt I had captured her likeness. My style makes it hard to capture a person's exact looks, but I feel I came close.

Enjoy my strip today and if you appreciate the work that went into today's strip, please LIKE and SHARE on Social Media.

- Davy Jones

Monday, January 18, 2016

Charmy's Army in " Shark Tanked" 04

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I had a lot of fun with this episode. I will tell you all though, this was a ton of work. The next strip I add Lori Greiner from Shark Tank. Getting her and Mark Cuban drawn properly took hours of behind the scenes sketches. I am a perfectionist.

Please SHARE on social media and help spread the word about my ARMY OF ANTS!!!!

- Davy Jones

Friday, January 15, 2016

Charmy's Army in " Shark Tanked" 03

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I was really hoping to win the Powerball Lottery so I could quit my day job and follow my dream of being a full time cartoonist. Can you even imagine how great life would be if Charmy ran SIX days per week? Well, if I can get just ONE newspaper to run Charmy six days per week, that dream WILL happen. This amazing chapter in our lives may be closer than either of us realize.

Today, we once again see fan favorite Flimp the Chimp! I love this monkey. Flimp debuted a few years ago in the episode Monkey Business. I am reworking that story for syndication. The revision will pit Flimp's first day at Fort Hill. Yes, you will see then that Flimp is a recruit just like Charmy, Frenchy, Weaver and the gang.

Don't worry. Even I am confused on this. My rule of thumb is "if it is funny, it doesn't need to make sense".

SHARE and LIKE on Social Media. Threaten to unfriend your friends if THEY don't LIKE and SHARE.... Peer pressure them into reading!!! Okay, do not go that far. Then again, if they don't like Charmy, what kind of friends are you hanging out with?????

- Davy

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Charmy's Army in " Shark Tanked" 02

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Enjoy today's comic strip!!!!

If you laugh or just chuckle, please LIKE and SHARE my strip on Facebook.

- Davy

Monday, January 11, 2016

Charmy's Army in " Shark Tanked" 01

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Here is today's strip! I was surprised how quickly I can knock these out now, This is so freaking easy.

I love the TV show Shark Tank. I wish there was a pitch I could use on that show to sell my strip into syndication. I am trying to syndicate my strip and the cost to contact every newspaper in the US is going to wipe me out. As a result, bu blitz has been squashed. I am only going to target 100 newspapers this Spring.

With that said, I need at least two papers to pick me up from those contacted. The chances are so slim, and to be honest, I doubt any papers come through. Just being realistic. I have been dreaming big over the last 5 years and those dreams all led to terrible disappointments.

The worst of the disappointments was last year's Comic Con appearances. They were all a bust. All seven shows were gut wrenchers. I blew a ton of money last year and received no investment returns. My readership when through the roof.... but that doesn't pay the bills unfortunately. I need to turn my readership into newspaper placement. That is this year's goals. I am doing two shows this year, and to be honest, I wish I did not book them. They are real downers. I broke even at one show and lost my tail at the other six.

My plan this year is to spend my free time contacting newspapers. Gonna use my lunch breaks on Wednesdays to call a paper or two once my presentation are all sent in a few weeks. That will be my focus.

Gotta run. Enjoy this week's strips! They will be awesome!!!!

- Davy

Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Comic Strip - "All Worked Out" 06

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I love the last panel. Frenchy's hand sells that gag in so well.

I love details. Little details sell in a gag so well. That is why Weaver is so important. His glare out to the audience also sells in my gags so well. Sometimes Weaver's look is set as a glare to Charmy... again selling in a gag. Weaver is a classic straight man.

I dare say that no other strip incorporates a classic straight man. I love old comedies with comedians bouncing gags off of straight men. My favorite was Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. They were masters of the craft. Weaver and Charmy are more like Bob Hope and Bing Crosby... I bet I just lost everyone reading this blog. Everyone is looking these guys up in Wikipedia thinking, "How old is Davy?"


I am as old as I feel. I am suddenly feeling VERY old.

- Davy

Friday, January 8, 2016

New Comic Strip - "All Worked Out" 05

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Camera Angles...

I wish more comic strips would do what I do. I love changing up my camera angles. So many comic strips feel like the cartoonists are just copying and pasting frame after frame. It really turns me off on so many strips.I love comics like Bloom County where the ART of cartooning takes center stage.

Anyone even thinking about doing a strip needs to read Calvin and Hobbs. Read at least three treasuries. Study the art. Strive to be even better... though that is impossible.

If you love my art, PLEASE let me know. I love hearing feedback.

- Davy

Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Comic Strip - "All Worked Out" 04

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Are you enjoying having a new strip SIX days per week? Me too. Talk about a ton of work... Uh... okay. Not really. This is easy.

Writing is so easy. I write two or three strips during my lunch hour. I have nearly two years of stories written!!!!! I am not going to run out of stories anytime soon. I dare say that I will NEVER run out. My characters are running around in my head all day long just waiting for me to sit quietly and transcribe their adventures.

Drawing these guys is a breeze. I know my characters so well. I can tell you about Frenchy's birthmark location, but then you may think I know them TOO well. I have drawn each character every day for over five years. I can draw them very quickly.

Lettering is ALSO easy now!!!! When I began hand lettering last year, I wanted to jump off a bridge. It was so hard and so time consuming. Now? Oh man, it is so easy and it looks SO amazing!!!! I have had a few syndicated cartoonists contacting me to compliment my lettering!!!! So cool.

So what's next? Syndication!!!! I am going to get myself into newspapers. Yes, I am going to syndicate myself. The syndicates have all told me that they are not pushing new strips anymore. It is too expensive to promote an unknown strip. So sad!!! Well, TOO BAD!!!! I'll just do it myself. Yes, It will be expensive, but I want this too badly... and I know I am better than most of the strips in syndication today.

I won't go crazy. I do not have the money to spend on an all out campaign. I am going to target 100 papers during Phase One. If I can get 3 papers to bite and launch my strip, I will move onto Phase Two and contact 250 more papers. If I do not get any papers to bite, I will just repeat Phase One again... and again... spacing the retries apart by three to four months. This may take twenty years or this may surprise everyone and by the end of 2016 I could be in 100 papers. Who knows.

Bottom line is, if I do not try, and try my best.... I will NEVER know. And, after all... it is time the entire world KNOWS about a little troop of army ants known as Charmy's Army!!!!

- Davy

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Comic Strip - "All Worked Out" 03

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I have revised my plans for 2016.

I will only do TWO comic cons.

I have wrested with this decision. I loved doing the seven Comic Cons I did last year, but they are a ton of work. I need to focus on syndication. I cannot do that with all the prep work it takes to promote my work at Comic Cons. I end up spending two weeks prepping posters and sketch cards for sale and in the end I do not make enough back to pay off the table, gas and parking. Heck, at the last show I sold nothing at all and I had hotel costs to add to that one. In all, I lost $900 last year!!!! So, I am only appearing at TWO shows.

You can catch me in Houston for both shows....

COMICPALOOZA - June 17 -19, 2016

AMAZING COMIC CON - Labor Day Weekend 2016

Both are paid for and booked.

Beyond my two Comic Con appearances, I am still up for an appearance or two if I am invited to a show for free, which I was three times last year. I would love to attend Space City Comic Con again, but only if I get a comped table. Beyond that, I believe my best bet is to stay home and work on new strips.

Hope to see you at one of these shows!!!

- Davy

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Comic Strip - "All Worked Out" 02

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I hope everyone had a great holiday. I only took a few weeks off from my strip, but it felt so wrong. I just cannot take any more breaks. Next time I take a week off, I am going to have strips prepped to run during that time. Why? Because I truly believe my strip will begin its HISTORIC run in newspapers very, very, very soon!!!!

My goal?

I want to launch sometime in April somewhere... maybe even in a few papers.

I am in the progress of contacting every newspaper in the United States. I have about 36 papers contacted via email. I have not even scratched the surface. There are thousands to contact. If I can just get three papers to run my strip in time for the April launch, I will be in great shape.

My fee is so cheap. Cartoonists don't make a lot of money in case you were unaware. I need 300 papers to run me six days per week if I ever want to do this full time. Thank God I love my day job. I am lucky to work somewhere that is probably the best job I ever had. I work with great people and our product line is awesome.

2016 will be an amazing year. I'll talk about more plans tomorrow.

- Davy

Monday, January 4, 2016

New Comic Strip - "All Worked Out" 01

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Vacation is over. Short and sweet.

Time for new strips. I will have a new strip posted here every day this week! In order for me to get into the newspapers, I need to begin producing 6 strips each week. It is not that much more work than creating three each week. I have a schedule in place that spreads production out over the course of a week.

Now it is time to get this amazing comic strip into newspapers.

Tell your local paper's editor about my ants!!!! 

- Davy