Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Comic Strip - "All Worked Out" 04

Are you enjoying having a new strip SIX days per week? Me too. Talk about a ton of work... Uh... okay. Not really. This is easy.

Writing is so easy. I write two or three strips during my lunch hour. I have nearly two years of stories written!!!!! I am not going to run out of stories anytime soon. I dare say that I will NEVER run out. My characters are running around in my head all day long just waiting for me to sit quietly and transcribe their adventures.

Drawing these guys is a breeze. I know my characters so well. I can tell you about Frenchy's birthmark location, but then you may think I know them TOO well. I have drawn each character every day for over five years. I can draw them very quickly.

Lettering is ALSO easy now!!!! When I began hand lettering last year, I wanted to jump off a bridge. It was so hard and so time consuming. Now? Oh man, it is so easy and it looks SO amazing!!!! I have had a few syndicated cartoonists contacting me to compliment my lettering!!!! So cool.

So what's next? Syndication!!!! I am going to get myself into newspapers. Yes, I am going to syndicate myself. The syndicates have all told me that they are not pushing new strips anymore. It is too expensive to promote an unknown strip. So sad!!! Well, TOO BAD!!!! I'll just do it myself. Yes, It will be expensive, but I want this too badly... and I know I am better than most of the strips in syndication today.

I won't go crazy. I do not have the money to spend on an all out campaign. I am going to target 100 papers during Phase One. If I can get 3 papers to bite and launch my strip, I will move onto Phase Two and contact 250 more papers. If I do not get any papers to bite, I will just repeat Phase One again... and again... spacing the retries apart by three to four months. This may take twenty years or this may surprise everyone and by the end of 2016 I could be in 100 papers. Who knows.

Bottom line is, if I do not try, and try my best.... I will NEVER know. And, after all... it is time the entire world KNOWS about a little troop of army ants known as Charmy's Army!!!!

- Davy

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