Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Working on Print Debut

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For the next few weeks I will be working on exclusive strips for my newspaper debut on March 8th. How exciting this that?!? I work incredibly hard as it is and now I am in hyperdrive.

I am also using the next few weeks to contact more newspapers. I want to begin with Weekly Publications. Once I get 300 Weekly Newspapers on board, I can do this cartooning dream full time. 

New strips will return soon.

- Davy

Friday, February 19, 2016

Charmy's Army in "In-Trenched" 12

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Here is Friday's strip. Enjoy!!!!

- Davy

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Charmy's Army in "In-Trenched" 11

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Here is Wednesday's strip! ENJOY!!!

- Davy

Monday, February 15, 2016

Charmy's Army in "In-Trenched" 10

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I am weeks away from my debut in the publication known as My Weekly Bulletin. I will provide ONE strip every week for this newspaper. I have three strips partially completed. They will be completed by end of Tuesday. I have a full time job so I have to cram in as much work as I can on the weekend. I had hoped to have my three strips for next week as well as three strips for My Weekly Impact completed by the end of this weekend... but it was a full weekend, 

I am amazed how easily it has become for me to knock out these strips. Because they are getting so easy, I find myself pushing my skills to the limit by doing crazy scenes like the ones presented in this story so far. I am pushing myself to do crazy camera angles. I do not want my strips to look like I am cloning panels. My goal is to be a director, plotting out different camera angles to keep my readers intrigued with the story. Changing each panel up at times helps draw the reader into the story making the visuals act like an animated cartoon. This episode pushed me like crazy. I drew some scenes a dozen times before I was happy.

Here is some news you may not like, but my strips I am preparing for Charmy's newspaper run will ONLY be available to readers of the newspaper and to my supporters on Patreon. Things may change down the road, but you must understand that this is a business and I must make some money. I will continue doing three strips per week here... until I get picked up in a paper that uses three or more strips per week. Once that happens, I have another plan for my online readers and my print media readers.

Enjoy today's strip and PLEASE SHARE on Social Media.

- Davy

Friday, February 12, 2016

Charmy's Army in "In-Trenched" 09

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Here is Friday's strip! Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Charmy's Army the Comic Strip begins its PRINT RUN in March!

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I have some AMAZING news!!! 

Beginning March 1st, Charmy's Army will begin running in its first newspaper here in the United States. The Weekly Bulletin will add my crazy comic strip to it's lineup in just a few weeks. This is happening so very quickly. The paper covers Brazoria County here in Texas. Get this... the publication is distributed in 11 cities!!! So if you live near Lake Jackson, Clute, Richwood, Freeport, Oyster Creek, Angleton, Danbury, Alvin, West Columbia, Brazoria and Sweeney! Charmy will now reach a brand new audience. I am so excited about and grateful for this amazing opportunity.

This is only the beginning. My goal is to get into 5 papers by the Summer. The dream is to get into 300 papers within the next 3 years. I have a long way to go... but I have the heart and drive to make my dreams come true. I vow to continue working harder with each passing day. Victory will be ours!!!

- Davy

Charmy's Army in "In-Trenched" 08

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Here is Wednesday's strip. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Charmy's Army in "In-Trenched" 07

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Last week was such an EYE OPENER!!!

I heard from five newspapers last week. As you recall, three weeks ago I mailed out 30 presentations to newspapers in Texas, Florida, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The papers I heard back from all passed on adding Charmy's Army. The reasons? No room. None of the papers have a space available. In order to add my strip, they have to drop another strip. All are happy with their current strips.

I knew this was going to happen. I know my strip is very good, but I can understand their position.

Will this discourage my mission? Nope. I am going to get into at least 5 papers before my Comicpalooza appearance in June. That is the goal. It MUST happen before then. If not, I will have no story to tell at Comicpalooza and my appearance will have no purpose at that Comic Con. I will still go because I paid a fortune for my table. If my mission does fail, I will pick a new number of  newspapers as a goal for my next show in September.

I am going to do this, Please cheer me on and say a prayer or two. 


- Davy Jones

Friday, February 5, 2016

Charmy's Army in "In-Trenched" 06

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Today's comic strip is very moving....

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I have now heard back from three newspapers. All three were large papers so I really did not expect to be picked up. All three were very nice and had the same explanation. They have to drop a strip in order to add a new strip. They are all happy with their current lineup.

My fear is mounting that this response will keep repeating itself. Am I discouraged? Oh heck no!!!! The fact that I am hearing is awesome. I know in my heart that a paper somewhere will jump at the chance to run the funniest comic strip online today. Just have to find the perfect timing. It will happen.

- Davy 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Charmy's Army in "In-Trenched" 05

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Like I said, this episode is starting to pick up! Just wait and see where I am taking my readers. This story is going to be so amazing.

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- Davy

Monday, February 1, 2016

Charmy's Army in "In-Trenched" 04

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Hope you enjoy today's strip! This story line picks up the pace this week. Just wait until next Monday... This epic long story will be my best episode to date!!!

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- Davy