Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Charmy's Army the Comic Strip in "Dream Weaver"

Here is today's strip!

Monday, we had just over 2,000 views! Between this website, GoComics and Social Media, I am getting over 5,000 views per day now!!! That is an incredible number. I cannot thank my readers enough....

Or can I????

In June, I will launch a month-long contest. Three winners will each receive a signed print of their choice from my archive of comic strips. I'll have details posted here soon. It will involve posting comments on my GoComics page. If I am ever going to get syndicated, I need GoComics to see how big my audience has become.

Enjoy today's COMIC STRIP!

- Davy 


  1. Hey, for once, I agree with Charmy! Each to his (her) own passion!

    1. I am speechless.... No one ever agrees with Charmy!


      - Davy


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