Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sketch Cover Art - Red Sonja - Conan

This cover was the hardest one yet. The paper was GLOSSY!!!! The inking was a nightmare. I seriously did not believe the paper would take my Copic markers. The markers gummed up on the paper. Blending was dang near impossible.... but I love facing the impossible. Why else would I be chasing a dream to be a syndicated cartoonist?

I had to work quickly and keep the blending to short, quick strokes. I had to think out all moves beforehand. Once committed, there would be no going back. 

As you can see, the blending worked, but it screwed up my markers, clogging up the tips. I estimate this cover cost me $30 in supplies to produce,

No profit to be had on this one!!!!

- Davy 

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