It was a dark, overcast Tuesday when the bowels of Hell spewed forth the world's worst comic strip. Davy happened upon the wretched idea and saw a diamond in the rough. For six long years, Davy molded this embarrassing excuse for humor and polished up the greatest comic strip known to all two dozen of his readers.

Follow a troop of army ants and a monkey at Fort Hill. This concept makes no sense, but it doesn't matter. Does any comic strip make sense? Well yeah... but... whatever. Why does anything need to make sense. I mean does LIFE make sense? Obviously it doesn't to my two dozen readers. That is because THEY have imaginations. It is the rest of the world that just doesn't get it.

Wait, this isn't going well. Let me begin again and fudge the truth a bit.

In 2010, Davy launched the world's greatest comic strip... Charmy's Army. Follow this troop of army ants and a monkey named flimp and see why billions of people all over the world love this comic strip. Read along and you will understand why Frenchy has become America's sweetheart, knocking Blondie off of her perch where she reigned supreme for the past three decades. What is she anyways.... like 90?

Charmy's Army joined The Weekly Bulletin in early 2016, launching this strip's print run.  The paper covers 11 cities in Brazoria county, just outside of Houston. Hordes of readers from the area invade the local comic cons where Davy signs autographs, plugging up the aisles and ticking off all the other artists in artist's alley. The frenchy and the craze is only just beginning.

Okay, that was way over the top....

Just read the archives and have fun. You'll love it. If you don't love it, it is okay. Davy has thick skin. 


  1. It would be nice to read old comics in an archive.

    1. Thanks, great suggestion.

      Old strips will be available when the first treasury is complete. Charmy's Army - Basic Training is set for a Summer 2015 release.

      I have found making money on this strip is impossible, but only because I haven't set my mind to it. I have some unique ideas, such as holding back on the archives until my treasury is released, in hopes to finally make some money and maybe do this fulltime one day.

      Thanks again for you comment!!! And thank you for supporting my dream.

    2. Archives will be up this weekend!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!


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